Guard Introduction to the Guard House

When it comes to protection, a guard house is more essential now than any other time in history. Also referred to as guard booth, security booth, watch house, and guard shack, among others, this type of building is used for a variety of applications.

From an historical viewpoint, the guard house was used in places where guards or sentries did not stand post. While on duty sentries slept, ate, and remained in guard houses in order to protect villages and towns.

Although a guard house serves much the same purpose today as it did centuries ago, design and functionality are dramatically different. Because the type and level of threats to businesses, housing complexes, jails, government buildings, airports, and other facilities has changed, a modern day guard house is not only manned by highly trained and skilled personnel but also outfitted with state-of-the-art security technology.

Typically, a guard house is located at the entrance of a facility where it serves as a checkpoint, not just as security but also to monitor and maintain control. For example, when used in small to medium-sized facilities, all physical security is controlled directly from the guard house.

For different military branches, a guard house is also used as a central hub for communications between outlying posts stationed by a Corporal of the Guard. At no time is a guard house left without guards, which ensures the highest level of security possible for people living or working at the facility.

While there are many different options specific to a guard house, most manufactured today are made from heavy-duty welded and galvanized steel. In addition, a guard house is well-insulated against both light and heat, offers clear 360-degree visibility, and depending on its intended purpose, may be designed as bullet resistant. In other words, in addition to a modern guard house being used as a point of security it offers comfortable amenities for the security guards working it.

Because a guard house is so important, you want to choose a highly reputable manufacturing company. A prime example is B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc., which ships its manufactured guard booths throughout North America. This company has been manufacturing top-of-the-line guard houses for over 50 years used at airports, colleges and universities, major toll roads, and corporate facilities.