Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about our security booth products, manufacturing processes, and booth features - including bullet-proof technology.



You may find an answer to your design question here. If not, please don't hestitate to call us today.




Yes, as a build-to-order specialist, we can manufacture your booth to your size requirements.

We'll put them where you want them considering where they’ll work best.

The typical amp draw is 30 amps. This includes: one air conditioner, one heater, all lights and two duplex outlets. We suggest 40-amp service. When ordering your booth, tell us about any special electrical requirements, and we will provide it.


General Questions

Here are some general questions we've heard before. If your question isn't found, please give us a call.

B.I.G. booths can be washed with mild soap and water, just as you would use to clean your car.

Keys are attached to the Bill of Lading that you will receive with the booth. If the booth has any interior locking doors (e.g. cabinets), the keys will be taped to the door.

The forks should extend beyond the width of the booth. See offloading instructions provided.

Locate the box that shipped inside the booth that contains inserts, sealing materials, and instructions. Lifting eyes are to be removed and replaced with inserts, then sealed. Please follow all instructions provided.

The booth will have four to six lifting eyes depending on its size and weight. All lifting eyes provided are to be used in accordance with the off-loading instructions that you receive with the booth.

While fences, sensors, bollards, and barriers are vital to the overall security, the security booth is the only piece of equipment used every day. It houses your guards and has many other critical elements, such as monitors, gate controls, and duress buttons. The guards are your eyes and ears, and they must have a well manufactured, climate-controlled area to stay alert and perform at their best.

No. B.I.G. is factory direct to you. We can take all information and provide pricing with a simple phone call. We have done it this way for 30 years.


No. All B.I.G. booths are designed and engineered for exterior use

Aluminum sliders don’t hold up with heavy traffic. We recommend all-steel, sliding, top hung ball bearing roller windows.



Here is what you need to know if you notice a problem. If you need help, please call.

Check the filters. HVAC must cycle or it will not blow hot or cold air. Temperature should be set to maintain the cycle and keep the A/C condenser from freezing. Doors/windows should remain closed to retain the warm or cold air inside the booth.

You must have a certified HVAC technician install your HVAC unit in order to maintain the warranty with the manufacturer. See installation instructions regarding warranty issues

Corrosion means the booth was not sealed properly during installation. See installation instructions provided.

See maintenance instructions for checking and adjusting alignment. Note: the alignment should be checked regularly.

If the booth is not draining correctly, it was not installed per manufacturer instructions. Booth to be set to have a slight slope toward the drain openings.

DO NOT UNLOAD the booth. Call Freight Dispatch at (800) 853-6373 immediately. If the booth arrives after hours, take pictures of the booth (while on the truck) and note the damage on the Bill of Lading.

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