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We are the premier manufacturer of prefabricated guard booths, guard shacks, and security shelters, all built to your specific business needs and for your climate.


The ‘New Beginnings Gatehouse’ exactly mirrors its surroundings

We’ve taken the guard shack to the next level with this design. As the go-to expert in security booth manufacturing, our prefabricated shelter units and guard booths featuring custom designs are nationally recognized. We built what others could not: the New Beginnings Gate house. B.I.G. is known for our ability to enhance or match the look of the guard shack to its architectural surroundings, and we have done so with this beautiful, unique design. Read More


B.I.G. Guard Shacks Offer Security and Comfort

Guards can spend up to 12 hours a day in a guard booth enclosure. We understand that comfort is key to performance, and we work to incorporate these elements into the security booth manufacturing process. Everything your guards need to be productive can be built in, including ADA restrooms, high-quality HVAC for extreme weather, bullet and blast resistant options and ergonomic interiors.


Special Shipping Rates on Prefabricated Guard Shacks


Our bundled shipping procedure allows for affordable shipping coast to coast. Our guard booths, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, bullet-proof booths, guard shack enclosures, guard houses, security guard shacks, portable guard shack, equipment shelters and cashier booths ship fast. We work to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Welcome to B.I.G. Enterprises...

We are the #1 manufacturer of prefabricated shelters, security and revenue control booths, and have been serving businesses premium security solutions for over 50 years. You'll find quality solutions for all of your security booth needs. Our expertise with security booth manufacturing means premium quality guard booths, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, equipment shelters, bullet-proof booths, and cashier booths for a wide variety of clients.

Here are some of our recent success stories:


NASA compliments B.I.G for Guard Shack Design

Our guard booths are recognized by the most prestigious companies and organizations in the nation, including NASA. One NASA laboratory stated: "We get compliments on our guard booth from both employees and visitors on how nice it looks. Our new guard shack has everything we wanted and much more." B.I.G.’s assortment of pre-assembled building options include guard booths, cashier booths, portable buildings, bus shelters and toll booths, as well as kiosks, guard shack enclosures, security guard shacks, portable guard shacks, prefab ready-to-plug-in buildings, and smoking shelters. Read More


Our Guard Booths Protect Facilities Critical to our Nation

We treat our nation’s security with the utmost importance, and our guard booths are helping to protect our nation’s frontlines of defense. A civil engineer for a power plant wrote, “We wanted our guard booths and guard shacks to be substantial and well done with excellent workmanship. We asked B.I.G. to go where many booth manufacturing companies can’t go. Our B.I.G. portable buildings are outstanding.”


Please browse our guard booth gallery, where you will find innovative guard booths, portable guard shacks, attendant booths, and many more models featuring customized steel construction and critical span engineering.


New ‘Officers Station’ offers elegant security solution for airport police

B.I.G. Enterprises’ streamlined guard shack design blends with airport architecture. The prefabricated unit’s design was developed after months of planning and consulting with architects, law enforcement, and the general contractor. At ap­proximately 300 square feet and featuring elements such as 1” tinted insulated type glazing with Low-E coating and custom roll down perforated shades, the Officers Station guard shack meets state codes, energy compliance, and has state approval and insignia for the location… Read More

Protect your booth investment with paint system from BIG


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Hardening the Perimeter:

The Role of the Guard Shack, Security Solutions and Best Practices. Peruse fourteen pages of technical expertise and lessons learn from decades of security booth manufacturing. This report will help you make the best business decisions for your guard booth needs.



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