Innovative build-to-order security booths

B.I.G. manufactures premium quality guard booths, bullet resistant booths, attendant booths, revenue control booths, shelters, and many other prefabricated solutions. For 50 years we’ve been serving our clients with the highest quality prefabricated modular enclosures available. All of our products are built to your specific needs and designs, levels of security, fully code compliant, and designed for your climate.

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Engineering Exceptional Booths and Shelters

To remain #1 among guard booth manufacturers requires an ongoing commitment to engineer shelters and guard booths to the most exacting standards possible. Therefore, we test every component to ensure optimal performance and the assurance of long life. Our experienced team has the craftsmanship to engineer fully code-compliant guard booths, attendant booths, equipment enclosures, equipment shelters, bullet-proof booths, and cashier booths that will withstand harsh environments and remain aesthetically pleasing year after year.

Engineering Exceptional  Booths and Shelters

Functional and Versatile Guard Shack Solutions

B.I.G. Enterprises is the leading provider of functional and versatile guard house solutions, trusted by top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Back in 1963, we started with revenue control and security booths. So we know what is required to protect your staff while keeping them comfortable. We design guard booths specifically to cater to the needs of universities, sports stadiums, city transportation departments, parking lots, hospitals, airports, manufacturing plants, and any industry where high security is mandatory. As the premier guard booth manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality and durability.

Functional and Versatile  Guard Shack Solutions

Choose B.I.G. for Quick and Efficient Installations

When quick and efficient installations are required, B.I.G. is the clear choice for your guard shack needs. We meticulously craft our plug-and-play designs to include everything you need, from flooring and A/C to shelves, insulation, and equipment. With B.IG., you can trust that your guard booths will be shipped complete to contractors and end users, making the installation process seamless and hassle-free. What sets us apart is our commitment to meeting energy and building codes for every state, ensuring that your security booth is compliant and safe. Don’t settle for subpar options – choose the industry leader for peace of mind and a straightforward installation experience. Call us today to talk to an expert!

Choose B.I.G. for Quick and  Efficient Installations

B.I.G. Booths

We build-to-order the world’s best physical security solutions, leveraging intelligent engineering, state-of-the-art materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Our team has the insight and skill set required to create a build-to-order booth or shelter for any application that meets and exceeds each customer’s unique requirements.

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Access engineering drawings and specs of select B.I.G. work. We can design exactly what you require. All of our projects are built to our customer’s detailed order.

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