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Smart Data Center Security Protection

Security stations are the front-line command centers for perimeter control. Even when a facility wishes to be inconspicuous, its presence can be an effective deterrence. Our prefabricated guard stations are often the security anchor for many data centers. 

With multi-level security options, such as perimeter fencing, anti-intrusion systems, dual authentication entry, biometric and color-coded key-card security, and interior and exterior video surveillance, superior data center protection is attainable. Plus, we offer every amenity needed to provide ultimate comfort and security.

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Emergency Events Require Reliable Data Center Protection

Despite the widely held assumption that police will come to the rescue when there is a violent incident, the reality is that many emergencies happen too quickly. Statistics show that most situations that ultimately require law enforcement intervention, like active shooter situations, are over before police can arrive. 

As such, it is crucial to rescue and tactical operations that a point of contact on-site is available when they arrive. They need a designated area to quickly get the most pertinent information and correctly assess the situation. Often, with so much security linked to technology, it is easy to forget that data center access control is often the nexus of most of this coordinated activity. 

While much of your data center security relies on computers and programming, that is not the be-all and end-all. Extra security measures such as an alert notification system, controlling magnetic locks and keys, managing the emergency alert system, and enabling a panic alarm for the front-line staff are features that cost pennies and rely on common-sense initiatives.

Proactive Steps To Protect Your Facility 

High security requires thoughtful planning. Here are a few data center protection initiatives you can implement now.

  • Keep an up-to-date printed company directory with photos.
  • Label every door so a trapped employee can quickly identify and provide their location within the data center.
  • Designate a failover location in the event of an evacuation.
  • Put together and maintain a firebox with all the materials, information, and keys that police and first responders will need in an emergency. 

Strategic Positioning For Superior Data Center Security

Guard shack setup must occur in the most effective location. It's the first point of contact. That is not to say that technology does not also play a key role in saving lives. In a situation where seconds matter with lives on the line, data center access control from a mobile guard shack is paramount. 

Without strategic positioning, deploying guards, freeing trapped people, blocking off access, or detaining an intruder is impossible. Each of these scenarios is critically important to data center security. 

Keeping personnel and visitors safe requires a mix of common sense and attention to detail. To prevent tragedies, you need a central coordination point to manage all threats, maximize every effort, and manage access.

Important Considerations for Data Center Security

Keeping your data center protected is a priority. In these uncertain times, you must take steps to be confident your facility is secure 24/7. While installing a security system is one way to keep your building safe, having trained staff at strategic locations on your property is critical.

Naturally, when positioning security staff on your property, you must ensure staff can communicate with one another and receive protection from the elements. Installing a data center security shack can help make that process easier. 

Depending on the nature of your facility, you might even find installing more than one guard building is beneficial for data center protection. Given the latest technological advances, you can connect all your security buildings. From a communications point of view, staff must know what is occurring around the clock. 

Positioning Guard Booths

Guard shack positioning can occur anywhere on your property to greet visitors when entering your grounds. A range of amenities is also available, including but not limited to restrooms, IT/Data Room, and Bullet Resistant Construction

Guardhouses provide data center access control and function as a separate entity while staying completely connected to the rest of your operation. Guard booths do far more than guard the entrance or exit to your facility. 

Since these booths are sized and built for specific project needs, we can position them practically anywhere on your property. You can also use them for several other functions. Do you need an information booth where you can answer visitor inquiries? Data center security booths are excellent for such purposes. 

These guardhouses can distribute everything from maps to security pass cards, giving you the ability to have staff positioned where they need to be throughout the day. You can easily transport our modular designs to another location if a situation should arise. Portability makes data center protection a wise investment.

Customizing Your Guard Booth Design 

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we proudly deliver only the highest-quality guard booths. With complete functionality and comfort, these data security center booths can meet your specifications without the high cost of customization. 

At any point in the future, the modular design allows you to expand whenever necessary. There are simply no limits to these products. You decide what you require and have the guard shack designed to meet your needs. 

For instance, we build booths to whatever size you request and even include special features, such as casework, countertops, extensive electrical, and low-voltage wiring. Your guard booth will be ready to function in whatever manner you need.

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of any business, especially data center protection. It is a need you cannot afford to ignore. Invest in a guard shack today to give your facility greater flexibility while staying at the cutting edge of technology on-site.

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