Control booths

Control Booths

For over half a century, B.I.G. Enterprises has set the standard for high-security control booths that blend unparalleled safety with aesthetic appeal. Our offerings stand apart through an innovative approach to design and functionality. Each booth provides more than just a security checkpoint. They enhance the surroundings of every facility. 

Our meticulous use of top-tier materials and parts guarantees durability and resilience, while our build-to-order model allows unmatched customization. Recognized by Fortune 500 companies and government branches, our booths provide an advanced solution for entities requiring high security and operational efficiency. 

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Our build-to-order control booths use the best materials available, offer advanced capabilities, and installation can take place wherever needed. With a team of experts at your disposal, you can construct a unique design that provides the highest level of security, keeps employees comfortable, and is aesthetically pleasing. All unit designs meet every code requirement for every city in the U.S.

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Control Room Design

Options and Features

At B.I.G. Enterprises, our legacy spans over five decades of excellence in crafting control booths, a testament to our commitment to reliability and innovation. Clients who partner with us for their control room design options and features benefit from our 100% prefabricated units, meticulously designed to ensure seamless integration upon delivery.

Our focus on zero warranty issues and a complete “plug and play” setup – including flooring, heating & air conditioning, shelves, and insulation – exemplifies our dedication to quality and ease of use. This track record of dependable service underscores our promise to clients, offering peace of mind that only comes with seasoned expertise.

Here are a few of our most popular requests:

  • Bullet-resistant security features
  • Restroom facilities
  • Cabinets and drawers
  • Various flooring options, including steel plate tile and anti-fatigue mats
  • Completely custom architecture and exterior finishes
  • HVAC systems
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