The Benefits of Using Mobile, Prefab Guard Houses

The Benefits of Using Mobile, Prefab Guard Houses

Mobile Guard Shack Building Specifications

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we believe in the benefits of using mobile prefab guard houses for the best perimeter security. With over 50 years of experience in the security industry, we are a national leader in designing, manufacturing, and building high-quality mobile guard shacks, information kiosks, ticket booths, and guard houses. Read more about the benefits of working with us to create a prefab guard house that meets your unique specifications and contact us when you're ready for a  complimentary quote.


General Prefab Guard House Specifications

One of the most significant benefits of contracting with B.I.G. Enterprises for a customized mobile guard shack is the ability to select the security features your business requires while adhering to a budget. In addition, B.I.G. has manufactured prefab guard houses for companies in every state throughout the USA, so we're familiar with each state's requirements pertaining to factory inspections, energy codes, and state approvals. As a result, we're experts when it comes to cutting through the red tape!

Planning For Your Mobile Guard Shack

While every order is custom-built to meet your business needs, there are many components that need to be considered as part of the planning and design process. This list is not exhaustive but instead meant to provide an overview of the level of customization that a business can have with our prefab guard houses.


Our framing can withstand wind loads up to 220mph. Our standard prefab guard house frame is 2" x 2" x .083" and ballistic booths have a standard measurement of 3" x 3" x .083". If you have specific needs in this area, let us know.

Wall Systems

Our standard walls are constructed with an R-10 external insulation system housed within galvanized steel panels. To achieve energy regulation compliance, we use R-9.6-R-13 insulation with an added layer of R- 7.5 (minimum) exterior insulation. Depending on the state your business is in, your mobile guard shack may need higher levels of wall insulation. If so, we'll make sure your structure is fully compliant.


Our standard prefab guard house roof is all-steel and insulated to level R-19. Every roof is designed with a gutter system and a minimum Energy Star Solar Reflective Index of 95. Your state may require a greater level of roof insulation, and we will work to ensure those regulations are fully met.


Regardless of the size of your structure, all flooring is constructed to meet your business' needs for electrical, data, and communication stub-ups and ADA compliance. We incorporate structurally superior galvanized steel framing and joists, and our polyvinyl chloride flooring tiles are interlocking, comfortable to stand on, and durable.



Our prefab guard houses feature heavy-duty steel framed sliding doors, and stainless-steel pull handles with hook bolt locks. B.I.G. Enterprises prides itself on offering security doors that are aesthetically pleasing, align with your business's current architecture, and provide long-lasting safety and security.


Windows can be designed to align with your businesses' pre-existing architecture and design preference. All mobile guard shacks feature steel window frames with tinted tempered glass windows. Many states have energy codes requiring a dual-pane ¾" insulated glass with a Low-E coating. This requirement helps reduce heating and cooling costs, and it's one we generally recommend and can easily accommodate.

Electrical System

Regardless of your booth size, all electrical systems are 125 Amp rated, 120/240 volt, and come with approved light fixtures and recessed interior LED lights. Each prefab guard house also comes with 20-amp outlets. If you have specific electrical or lighting needs, let us know, and we can incorporate that into your design plan. Many businesses prefer to allocate reserved space for further customization of their guard house once it is on-site.


Sturdy, well placed shelving helps to maximize space efficiency in our prefab guard houses. Shelving is typically 20" deep, welded in place, and can hold a minimum of 250lbs. Many shelving options are available, so customization is easy to accommodate.


A quality HVAC system helps keep security staff healthy and comfortable while working. Each prefab guard house typically contains a rear-wall-mounted HVAC system that provides heating, cooling, and air circulation. The exterior portion of the unit is painted to match the booth and has a dedicated electrical outlet. Depending on the intended use of your mobile guard shack and the location it will be placed, HVAC may not be a necessary expense. However, during your consultation, we can help to determine the best options.

Exterior Finishing

At B.I.G. Enterprises, all of our prefab guard houses are thoroughly covered with an exterior RUST inhibitive system with primer and two coats of polyurethane finish. We provide the most thorough rust prevention strategy that has been proven successful through a documented salt spray test. Our finishing paint is available in many standard colors. We also offer a computer color matching system so that the guard house matches nearby buildings or fits your business's architectural design.



The beauty and convenience of prefab guard houses and mobile guard shacks are that the units are transported fully assembled, wired, glazed, and painted. The unit is positioned over a level pad and connected using expansion anchor bolts for an on-site installation. Once in place, our technicians connect the power sources and seal all edges between the floor and the concrete pad. No installation is necessary for our small, mobile units – simply load your booth onto a designated towing system and take it where it needs to go!

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When it comes to high-quality perimeter security solutions, do not accept anything less than B.I.G. Enterprises. With decades of security experience, we are one of the most trusted guard house manufacturers in the United States. Whatever your specification, we have a solution that incorporates quality materials, best-practice security design, and architectural elements that sends a strong message to customers, employees, and visitors. Reach out to us today for more information and a complimentary price quote.