The Importance of a Corporate Guard Station

The Importance of a Corporate Guard Station

It's no secret that corporate security is a top priority. In today's world, protecting your business from potential threats is more critical than ever. With the threat of workplace shootings, bomb threats, cyber-attacks, and other criminal activity, one can never skimp on security. Deterring crime is usually the first reason that comes to mind, but having a guard station can provide many other benefits, such as an increase in employee productivity and retention. Today we will share a few key reasons why having a corporate guard station or security checkpoint on-site is vital to your business.  

On-Site Security Deters Criminals & Prevents Theft

One of the main benefits of having guard stations and on-site security is that it deters criminal activity. Businesses constantly face the threat of being robbed, vandalized, or becoming a victim of terrorism. The installation of a state-of-the-art guard booth or security checkpoint can help to deter criminal activity from happening in the first place. If criminals know they have a high probability of being caught, they are less likely to attempt a crime at your business. By making it difficult for criminals to get away with crime, you increase the safety and security of everyone on the property.  

Security checkpoints also help prevent theft, which can be very costly for businesses. Their visible presence communicates to employees and customers that the company takes security seriously and is committed to protecting its assets. When outfitted with security cameras and other surveillance equipment, it's easier to identify and apprehend thieves. If criminals do make it inside, checkpoints make it difficult for criminals to get out with any stolen goods. In addition, guard stations provide a place for employees to report suspicious activity and access emergency assistance if needed. 

Keeps Unauthorized Personnel Out of Sensitive AreasGuard station with warning sign

For corporations, government facilities, and businesses of all sizes, certain areas usually exist that are more sensitive than others. These restricted areas may be for employees only, or they may contain confidential information. It is imperative to protect these areas from unauthorized personnel and to have security measures in place to deter criminals from gaining access. Trespassers could steal confidential information, vandalize property, or even harm employees. With guard stations and security checkpoints in place, you can protect these areas and minimize the risk of damage, injury, or theft.

By establishing a visible presence and verifying the identities of individuals, security guards and on-site security structures can keep individuals safe and prevent any violent incidents from occurring. Both are highly effective at securing areas that contain valuable or classified information, equipment, or resources from unauthorized access or potential breaches. In addition, checkpoints with surveillance cameras inside and out can monitor the movements of individuals within a facility. With upgraded security measures, personnel can track who is coming and going and identify suspicious activity much faster. 

Faster Emergency Response Times 

Having a security checkpoint or guard station on the premises allows security staff to respond faster to emergencies. If an unexpected event occurs, security staff can radio for help and get law enforcement or medical assistance on-site as quickly as possible. Most security officers are trained to handle emergencies and can assist people during natural disasters or health crises. For example, they can usher people to safety during a fire or earthquake and even perform CPR if necessary. You never know when a traumatic event may occur, and having on-site security protects the well-being of everyone on the premises. 

Also, highly trained security guards act as an early warning system for the authorities. If an incident requires immediate attention, police, fire, and EMTs can perform more effectively with accurate reporting and good communication. Most security officers take pride in providing more than their emergency response training. If you hire the right personnel, they will have no issues performing other intangibles, such as escorting employees to their vehicles, monitoring daily interactions with third-party vendors, and providing guidance to guests and visitors. 

Provides a Relaxed Environment For Customers & Visitors

Man walking after passing guard station

One of the most important reasons you need a guard station is to provide a safe environment where customers, visitors, and employees can feel comfortable. When customers and visitors feel safe and secure in your facility, it creates a positive experience, and they can relax and enjoy their time without fear or worry. Security checkpoints, welcome desks, and accessible security personnel are valuable sources of information for customers or visitors. Employees can provide directions or answer questions to provide an excellent customer service experience.

In corporate environments, people feel more at ease when they see security personnel on duty. Visible guard booths provide a heightened sense of security and set the tone for your business. They can help to create a positive impression of your company and encourage people to return in the future. By having designated guard stations where guests can check in or gather information, you provide the visitor with the ability to navigate the facility efficiently – which helps your business appear more professional and friendly. 

Increases Employees Productivity & Retention

When evaluating safety in the workplace, there are two main concerns that employees have: their safety and the safety of their work-related belongings. Personal safety includes being aware of their surroundings and knowing security is on-site to protect them in an attack or other dangerous situation. Workplace belongings such as laptops, smartphones, and other electronics are valuable and mandatory for employees to perform job functions. Both of these issues are critical and can reduce productivity if not addressed.

When employees are constantly concerned about safety, overall productivity suffers due to a lack of focus. If work-related items or personal belongings come up missing, it makes it difficult for an individual to feel comfortable enough to concentrate and perform effectively. That's why businesses need to have security checkpoints or guard stations on-site. With the proper security solutions in place, employees feel more comfortable and are far less concerned about workplace violence or theft. As a result, you can expect higher productivity and lower turnover rates. 

As you can see, guard stations are a valuable investment for any business. With high-security measures on the premises, you can deter crime, protect restricted areas, speed up emergency response times, create relaxed environments for visitors, and increase employee productivity. If you're interested in learning more about how to protect your business, contact us or call 800-669-1449 today to speak to the experts.