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Built to weather an assault

When you require the ultimate in security and protection, look to B.I.G. Enterprises. Our blast resistant and bullet resistant designs are effective answers to your security concerns. Our security guard booths are skillfully engineered to the most exacting of standards, ensuring incomparable protection for your security staff.

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B.I.G. Difference

How we deliver superior booth protection

Our customers demand the best in high security, blast resistant guard houses, which is why our team works with leading engineers and suppliers of blast resistant building materials to develop designs that work for your needs. We utilize highly specialized materials, such as armor-plated steel on our custom steel booths. This has made us a leader in blast resistant technology and allowed us to achieve the highest level of blast resistance in the industry.

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Features & options

High security guard house choices

1. Gun ports
U.L. Level 1 to NIJ-IV and higher. Slide type for high power rifles with scopes, super secure, or 6" diameter for hand guns.

2. HVAC systems
Roof mount, split systems, through wall with Bullet and blast resistant shrouds to specification.

3. Anchoring Systems
Pad mounted or tower mounted, designed for standard installation with blast and tornado anchoring systems available.

4. Glazing
Bullet resistant from U.L. Level 1 to NIJ-IV or higher, also hurricane systems.

5. Bullet resistant shroud
Provides bullet resistant protection for power and data communication lines.

6. Bullet resistant conduit access
Custom design for tower mounting with bullet resistant covers.

7. Lifting eyes
Removable or permanent, designed for secure crane lifting.

8. Antenna mounts
Roof mounted, weather tight and bullet resistant.

9. Exterior lights
All types available for all applications.

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Tested for safety and security

B.I.G.'s blast and bullet resistant guard booth materials have been vigorously tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). These organizations are the absolute authorities in safety and security, and know how to test for high security guard house efficiency, safety, and security.


High security guard houses frequently asked questions

Booths arrive at your site on a flatbed truck. You or your contractor off-load the unit by forklift or crane, place it on its designated pad, and bolt it to the concrete with expansion-type bolts.

None. Our heavy-duty steel booths are delivered complete. They are welded, pre-painted, electrically wired, and ready to be fastened at your location and connected to your power.

Every booth is built-to-order according to your project needs and site requirements. Typical booths range from 3'x3' to 12'x24'. If we can send it by truck, we will make it.

Yes. We stand behind our workmanship on every product, and provide you with a written warranty.

Yes. We are knowledgeable about most existing City & State codes. Let us know where your booth will be installed, and we will research it and comment back. Our products have been installed in virtually every North American city as well around the world. All B.I.G. booths are manufactured to the IBC, all electrical components are UL approved, and all booths wired to the NEC. B.I.G. is a member of ASIS, BOMA, NFPA, ECOSA, IPI, NPA & PAC.

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