When Times Get Tough,  Focus on Results

When Times Get Tough, Focus on Results

B.I.G. energy-efficient guard stations conserve resources

Security executives have always been under stress. Too few dollars, too few people, and too little time aren’t new circumstances in their world. It’s just gotten worse lately. Working within these constraints requires an eye for maximizing resources. How do you stretch available resources to meet the ever-increasing demands?

B.I.G. Enterprise’s response has been innovation.

One of their solutions has been reducing energy consumption thereby lowering operating costs for their prefab guard stations. B.I.G.’s exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation reduces HVAC costs. Freeing up the savings to be leveraged elsewhere.

B.I.G.’s exclusive continuous exterior wall insulation, reduces HVAC costs.

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B.I.G. reduces installation time and expense by meeting the energy and building codes of every state in the U.S.— Something few others have achieved.

B.I.G. meets the energy and building codes of every state in the U.S. reducing installation time and expense.

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Another way B.I.G. helps security executives get more out of their budgets is architectural flexibility. B.I.G.’s designers can make your booth look like it’s been custom built just for your environment—without the custom cost.

B.I.G. architectural flexibility provides custom appearance without the custom cost.

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Reducing operating costs and stretching design budgets are good business, but B.I.G. doesn’t stop there. B.I.G. has completely changed BR (bullet resistant) construction offering non-exposed armor plate—it’s hidden in plain sight! This elegant innovation proves again that B.I.G. never loses sight of the purpose of your guard stations – protecting your people and your property

And never forget, prefabrication in B.I.G.’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide cost savings of 35% or more over onsite build.

We invite you to look inside for B.I.G. innovations!

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B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T

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