Building Specifications for Guard House Design

Standard and Custom Options for Guard House Design Layout

Deluxe Halfround

With more than 60 years in the security structure business, B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. is an industry leader in the industry and responsible for the innovative and traditional designs of many guard houses and prefabricated security offices. When you want to invest in a high-quality, state-of-the-art guard house, you will want to work with B.I.G. We proudly offer the best guard house design services and manufacture top-of-the-line guard houses to ensure your specifications are met and exceeded.

Guard House Design Layout Specifications

Panorama Towers

When you work with B.I.G., you can rest assured that we comply with local and state-level building and manufacturing regulations. We understand that each state has unique requirements for energy codes, construction approval, permits, and inspections. B.I.G. offers numerous innovative guardhouse design options that enhance both security and comfort.


The guardhouse’s frame has to be at least 2" x 2" x .083" structural, mechanical steel tubing formed for accuracy. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, B.I.G. prefab offices and guard shack enclosures offer a superior structure capable of handling a 220 mile per hour wind load.

Wall System

The wall system is minimum, 16 gauge, cold-rolled galvanized steel interior and exterior panels MIG welding between the frame and mullions. Units have minimum R-10 exterior continuous insulation encapsulated within the final external layer of 16ga. galvanized steel wall panels. Because of this, the level of comfort, durability, and strength is outstanding.

Roofing System

Regardless of the guardhouse design you select, all structures manufactured by B.I.G. feature an internal steel-framed roof with a 16ga. galvanized steel roof deck welded to the framing. The roof deck is coated with a three-part roofing membrane with a solar reflective index of 95 or greater. Drainage occurs through a guttering system comprised of downspouts.

Flooring System

Standard booth flooring is 12gha. galvanized steel floor deck welded to galvanized steel tubular perimeter frame with joists. The floor deck is covered with 20" x 20" polyvinyl chloride interlocking tiles with a 4" base cove. The interior side of the frame includes welded steel anchor plates that have pre-drilled holes.


Our guardhouse design layout offers the choice of either sliding or swinging door(s). Slide doors are constructed of steel tube frames and 16 gauge insulated galvanized steel panels. Doors are top hung from a welded, fixed-place steel track and eight 2 1/4" rigid steel ball bearing rollers with a lower stainless-steel guide, stainless steel pull handles welded to the frame, and mortise lock.

In workplaces requiring high-security levels, guard enclosures can be constructed of blast resistant and bulletproof materials.

Choose a Reputable Manufacturer

Selecting the right guardhouse design for your security needs and budget is critical for your facility. Our guardhouses and security equipment enclosures are the most sought after in the industry because of the higher standards we apply to our materials, design, and craftsmanship. Read the client case studies on our website to learn more. To receive a complimentary quote, call 1-800-669-1449, or complete our online form today.