You Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em.  Now, Secure ‘em.

You Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em. Now, Secure ‘em.

The busier your DC, the greater the need for Perimeter Security

DC managers across the nation are running at full speed. Staffing restraints mean no one has time to waste.

During this period of unprecedented demand, it would be understandable that your current perimeter security could be taken for granted. But, now is when bad actors are likely to see an opportunity to create mischief during the increased activity. Now is THE time to review your perimeter security.

The warehouse industry has relied upon B.I.G. Enterprises for over 50 years. Because B.I.G. understands the landscape--understands the security needs of warehouses and distribution centers, they stand ready to help you keep the ball rolling.

B.I.G. understands the building and energy codes of every state. The last thing you want is inspection delays during installation. B.I.G. already knows your localities’ specific requirements.

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B.I.G. understands how fast-moving your facilities are and offers a tough no-nonsense guard shack that stands up to a lot of abuse. They bring lessons learned not only from DC installations, but from the myriad of other industries they serve. As a recognized innovation leader in the perimeter security industry they apply those lessons for our nation’s security.  Follow this link to read further:

Much additional valuable information can be found in the white paper, Hardening the Perimeter: Distribution Center industry Best Practices The role of the Guard Booth in security solutions.  Download here:

Current conditions suggest demands are going to increase upon warehouse and distribution managers for years to come. We encourage you to look to B.I.G. Enterprises for a partner in securing your facilities’ perimeters. Their experience and relentless innovation will help you harden your perimeter and free you up for all the other demands on your time.

B.I.G. architectural flexibility provides custom appearance without the custom cost. Watch this informative 2-minute video:

We invite your security professionals to look inside for B.I.G. innovations!

GSA Contract Schedule

B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T

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