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Customized to Your Environs –Architectural Harmony

We customize every security booth design to meet your specific security and environmental needs.

Bullet and Blast Resistant Guard Booths

Protect the guards who are the first line of defense at your facility.

State-of-the-art Industrial Painting System

Your B.I.G. security booth finish will withstand years of punishing weather conditions.

B.I.G. Innovative Steel Trak Yields Window Longevity

Your B.I.G. booth windows provide optimal perimeter security.

Construction Checklist

Key security booth design questions to ask before spec-ing a guard shelter.

Force protection upgrades to military base entrances is happening an ongoing process.  In terms of security booth design, it is important to have as much unobstructed glass area as possible to provide the guards good clear vision of the perimeter.  It is also important to limit the tint on the windows so the guards can see out at night, and to have dimming ballasts for the interior lights, and a shelf task light for nighttime operation.

One contractor we worked with to upgrade the main entrance at a Naval Base in San Diego, used sensors, bollards, fencing and guard booths.  B.I.G. provided the main guard booth that architecturally blends in well with the canopy, an interior over-watch booth and architectural bus shelters. 

Over the last couple of years, there has been a change to the Standard Level 3 Glass protection (spec for ACP- Access Control Point).  ACP-EP phase 4 is a requirement that has become a standard for all bases to comply with (specifically Army and Air Force.  The standardization by Army Corps. of Engineers is hugely key to creating standards for facilities.  This is the reason why they formed a branch within the Army Corps. of Engineers called the Protective Design Center (aka PDC) about 6-7 years ago.  

Booths for corporations like Northrop Grumman and General Mills tend to be a little more elaborate, bigger in size to accommodate more people, and they generally have restroom facilities built in.  These booths, as well as most that are part of perimeter security, tend to have interior and exterior cameras, data, communications and monitors placed on the shelf, and\or in shelf mounted consoles.  We provide pre-run conduits and boxes to make it easy to install the phone and cat 5 lines after the booth is installed. 



Security Booth Design & Construction

Benefits of B.I.G. Booths

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