Facility Controller

One of the best prefab building access control units produced by B.I.G. Enterprises, the Facility Controller building is a full-size security guard booth designed by our experienced team is a solution for major corporations and distribution facilities.

Featuring must-have necessities like an in-unit restroom, the Facility Controller comes complete with installed shelves and cabinets, offers heavy insulation in the  walls and roof, a large HVAC system that can handle any environment in the United States, and many conduits and J-Boxes for Data, Communications and Cameras.

With B.I.G., your facility will be outfitted with a prefab security guard booth that comes ready-to-go the moment that the delivery truck arrives. Call one of our experts today and we will get you started on customizing the dimensions, finishes and colors, and even the security level of the Facility Controller (or one of our many other prefab choices).

All of the options at B.I.G. are constructed with top-of-the-line materials and designed to ensure that your security guard booth offers optimum protection and can handle all of the job-related duties of your building access control teams – which includes pre-wiring the entire unit for necessary electrical tools and equipment; offering optional bullet-resistant construction and other materials for added protection; and being built to standards that can handle not only years of constant use, but also some of the toughest inclement weather that Mother Nature has to offer.