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Top 4 Purposes of a Guard Room for Businesses

The purpose of a guard house is to ensure that your workplace remains safe and secure. If you’re responsible for overseeing the security of a business, you likely recognize the benefits of security as well as the challenges associated with ensuring that your employees, clients, customers, and guests feel safe. After all, there are costs associated, logistical questions that need answering, and design elements that must be addressed.

Implementing a serious security program for your business should be seen as an investment rather than an expense, but with that mindset comes an expected return. The good news is that investing in a high-quality guard room can serve several purposes, each of which provides additional benefits of security for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your business can utilize high-security guard rooms and booths.

1. Optimize Performance

The primary purpose of a guard house is to help your security personnel perform at their best. One important use of a guard house is to limit the challenges security team members face. Often, guards work long hours, either standing or on the go, and the nature of the job can be stressful. However, this type of work environment offers them a comfortable operating station equipped with what they need to keep themselves safe and your business protected.

By investing in a high-security guard room that includes data and communication, bullet and blast-resistant materials, as well as HVAC systems and bathrooms, you’re giving your security personnel the tools they need to get the job done right.

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2. Attract Top Talent

One of the next benefits of security buildings is their role as recruiting tools. In addition to providing your existing security team with the resources they need to perform at their best, you will also demonstrate to other security professionals that you care about the important job they do. 

This will encourage the best candidates to apply for positions with your company and give you a roster of top talent to protect your business.

3. Mount a Defensive Strategy

A high-security guard room fortified with bullet and blast-resistant materials and features can serve as your security team’s defensive station. With slide-open gun ports and blinding external lamps, your security team can mount a counter-offense from the safety and protection of your BBRE guard house

While you hope to never need these features, including them in your design expands the benefits of security for your guard house and is critical if you’re working in a location vulnerable to high-level threats.

4. Send a Clear Message

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One more benefit of a security booth for your business is the clear signal it sends to your employees and your clients that their safety is one of your top priorities.

For many job seekers, the on-site presence of a guard room lets potential hires know that their employer cares about security — whether it’s on your corporate campus or in your parking deck — which can increase the likelihood that they will stay with your company.

As for clients, prospects, and guests, a security presence indicates a professional organization. In addition, when clients feel safe and comfortable at your business, they are more likely to retain your services.

Choose B.I.G. Enterprises

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we have been helping businesses make the most of their investment in high-security guard rooms for over 50 years. Our experts create fully customized and prefabricated security stations built to meet every need of your business.

We work with you to incorporate all benefits your security building needs. This commitment to quality includes meeting any stylistic or architectural requirements for your protection and comfort. B.I.G. knows the building codes and can manufacture a code-compliant booth for any location in the US while staying within a reasonable budget.  

It’s easy to get a free pricing estimate for your guard room. Contact our team today and learn more about the security expertise B.I.G. Enterprises brings to every customer. 

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