Ticket Booths — Make First Impressions for your Events Count

Given that ticket booths are commonly used to introduce guests and visitors to your facility or event, it only makes sense that they should give a positive first impression. Installing a beautifully designed fee collection booth or ticket sales booth will speak volumes to your visitors about the quality of your facility and events.

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we are committed to working closely with our customers to design and manufacture a ticket sales booth that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also completely functional for their site while delivering the desired level of security. Our ticket booths are constructed of only the highest-quality materials and feature the latest electrical systems for full flexibility.

One of the great benefits of these kiosks is that they can also be expanded if the need should arise in the future. You can also elect to add practically any architectural improvements you would like prior to delivery, such as optional exterior treatments on the windows, exterior walls, and on the roof. We take great pride in giving our customers complete flexibility regarding the design of their ticket sales booth. Available functional features include speaker tubes, multiple or single selling positions, locking cash drawers, cashier windows, counters, shelves, safes, and deal trays.

Applications for Ticket Kiosks

These kiosks and ticket sales booths are ideal for use in a variety of settings, including entertainment venues, high school and university football stadiums, amusement parks, boat launches, and more. If the setting in which the booth will be placed has a particular architectural style, you can also opt to include many of the same design elements in your booth. For instance, you can include crown moldings, window framings, brick or stone, or any other design element you might desire. Do you need to allow service for a long walk-up line? If so, the windows can be arranged to accommodate multiple ticket stations.

Ticket sales booths can also be made portable, making them easy and fast to move. By including a forklift slot in the base or using skid mounting, you can quickly move a ticket booth to whatever location where you may need it. You never have to be worried about being locked into having your ticket kiosks situated in one location. Simply move your ticket sales booth to whatever location where it is needed.

Quality Construction Leads to Solid Value

The high-quality construction of these booths ensures they are capable of withstanding the elements and will provide many years of long-lasting use. Since these booths are all prefabricated, they can be shipped fully assembled and ready to put to immediate use. No worries over wasting time and financial resources in building a booth from scratch.  Prefab saves you money.

Making a great first impression to your venue or facility is critical when welcoming visitors or guests. Investing in high-quality ticket booths is a wonderful way to do this by making a solid investment in your organization’s image and brand.