Parking Booths: Your First Line of Defense

Although parking booths are used by personnel as shelter while assisting drivers or taking fees, they also serve a critical role in protecting your business. Because a parking attendant booth sits on the physical perimeter of your company and because foot and vehicle traffic must pass through before getting onto the property, it becomes your first line of defense.

Due to increasing threat levels, top parking booth manufacturers now offer a host of unique products. These booths provide attendants with a more comfortable work environment while being highly secure. As a result, the personnel staffing the booth have the opportunity to take quick action if an issue arises.

Access control is a major consideration in keeping your employees and business safe. The attendant can make an informed decision as to who can and cannot get through. The combination of properly training attendants and a guard booth with the right features is a huge step toward improved safety.

An attendant working a parking attendant booth is your company’s eyes and ears. The attendant can gather pertinent information, including the individual’s driver’s license number, the vehicle plate number, reason for the visit, the area of the company where the person is going, and so on. Based on that information, a trained professional can determine if something seems amiss.

As the first line of defense, you can choose from various add-on features, such as extra lighting, high-tech communications, recording or monitoring technology, and even bullet-resistant walls. Having the ability to monitor and control access is very efficient in keeping people and property safe.

To ensure the safety of your company and employees, investing in a properly equipped parking booth will go a long way. The combination of trained personnel with a well-built booth designed for maximum protection has become necessary. Regardless whether your company deals with sensitive information or has received threats, or you just want to give your employees peace of mind, you have every right to take appropriate security measures.

If you are looking for an economic and effective way to bolster protection, a guard booth is an exceptional solution. Whether choosing a standard or customized design, the booth’s very presence is often enough to make a substantial difference in how people view your operations.

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