There are five key components of Perimeter Security:  1) Sensing Technologies 2) Fencing  3) Barriers  4) Guard Booths or security booths or security stations or security shacks... Sensing, Fencing, Barriers, Security Booths and technology must all be part of a carefully prepared plan that addresses your first, second and third lines of defense.

While fences, sensors, bollards and barriers are very important to the overall security, the security booth is really the only piece of equipment that is used every day.  Therefore, the security shack needs to have the best material, the best door hardware and correctly sized HVAC to insure day in and day out use and abuse.

The security booth is a key asset to the overall perimeter security plan, as it houses your guards, as well has many other critical elements, such as monitors, gate controls, duress buttons and many other options.  The guards are your eyes and ears, and it is imperative that they have a well manufactured, climate controlled area to stay alert.

Additionally, bullet resistant security shacks no longer need to look like hardened boxes, it is easy to add architectural features to makes the booths fit with the overall architecture of the facility they protect, and this can be done at surprisingly affordable cost.

Security booths are the first line of control to let a person into a facility. Let me share an example: A well-known casino wanted nice-looking but less expensive security shacks.  They skimped on quality protection and the guards were not well protected. In one instance, they got lucky because a shoot-out occurred and none of their people were injured.  If the booth had been more fortified, the shoot-out could have taken place at the security booth, but as it turned out the shoot-out occurred away from the security shack.  The bad guys were killed by law enforcement. If the security booth had been bullet-resistant, there is a chance that no one would have been killed. To this day, this casino has done nothing to reduce the risk and protect their guards.  It is absolutely necessary to have a highly-protected security booth.