Perimeter security experts put their trust in B.I.G. guard shacks

American security professionals charged with protecting the perimeters of their commercial, civic, and defense enterprises know that their Guard Shack is the key to an effective defense.

For over 50 years B.I.G. has led the way, delivering innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Whether the need has been to stand out, or blend into its surroundings B.I.G. designs have been trusted to meet the customer’s specifications.

The featured unit was built for a transportation hub of one of the world’s largest overnight delivery businesses. Fabricated from galvanized steel with exterior panes simulating Alucobond panels, it has a large awning style overhang, full ADA compliant restroom, tinted tempered dual pane insulating glass, full electrical package with LED lighting recessed in an acoustic tile drop ceiling, the appropriate number of convenience outlets, data & communication J-Boxes with conduits, and a commercial ductless split system HVAC with supply air duct to the restroom.

And, it was delivered with the state approval insignia making permitting easy.

Innovations that protect people, property and brands

With customers demanding increased energy efficiency, they trusted B.I.G. to deliver.

  • So, B.I.G. innovated… with exclusive and continuous exterior wall insulation—nearly doubling energy efficiency.
  • With customers always concerned about protecting the guards who protect the main facility, B.I.G. innovated its bullet-resistant design and now offers non-exposed armor plate construction.
  • B.I.G.’s customers have trusted there would be no surprises; every guard shack shows up compliant with every local building and energy code in the country…so innovative, no other prefab manufacturer offers this.
  • Arguably, B.I.G.’s most innovative approach is its architectural flexibility—customers can trust that any booth can be designed to appear that it is custom built just for their environment—and not contain any “custom” cost.

B.I.G. has been trusted to serve America’s security personnel – and it continues to strive towards being worthy of our customers’ trust.

“We chose B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. to manufacture the Guard Booth at our newly developed vehicle processing facility.  We had not worked with B.I.G. for many years, but needed them this time due to their expertise in complying with certain State regulations.  We are extremely impressed with the quality of their product in comparison to other recently used manufacturers.”

—Jason Ferris, TransDevelopment Group

A solid guard shack is greater than the sum of its parts.

Let B.I.G. help you transform your security vision into reality.

A movable guard house could be a better solution.

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