Design Options:  You Design It – We Can Build It

Guard booth design options from BIG


Wall mounted heat pump, Split system wall aesthetic treatments, Roof mount, High output Heaters, Combination systems, Baseboard Heaters, Ventilators, Passive / Powered, Louvers, Thermostat Controls, Exhaust vents, Ceiling vent fans.

Cabinets & Drawers

Stainless Steel, Wood, Custom commercial cabinet (to your design).

Cash Drawers

Currency Transfer, Floor safe, Wall mounted safe, Drop safe, Class B safes or to specification.

Restroom Facilities

Frame Only, Complete systems, Self contained systems, Commercial wall mount systems, Handicap requirements.

Custom Finishes

Brick, Stucco, Architectural Exterior Stone Panels, Stainless Steel, Multi-color Treatments, Preparation for On-Site Finish.

Bullet Resistant

UL, NIJ, MIL-A-46100 Level 1 through 10: Transaction drawers, Transaction trays, Gun ports, Interior and Exterior Intercom, Hardening of floors and hatches, Hardening of air conditioners and other options.


Steel Plate with Tile, Carpet, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Exterior grade plywood, sheet or roll vinyl tile, fork-lift pockets, trailers, automatic lift/lower actuators.

Miscellaneous Booth
Design Options

Pad eyes for crane lifting, Elevated platforms, Insulation to specifications up to R-36, Wall Carpeting (impact resistant), Alarms (Security), Extended engineering loads for roof and floor up to 200# per sq. foot, Electric panels to specification, Quick disconnects: Transformers, Equipment Shelters, Electrically operated rolling Shutters.

Booth Design Tips

Higher security locations with a more severe threat, such as nuclear facilities represent the highest level of perimeter security, due to the threat of a terrorist attack.  Guard booths are made for survive-ability after a severe attack, including large explosive devices.  For these locations, we manufacture Bullet & Blast resistant booths, known in the industry as BBRE's.  One booth design tip: these booths also act as fighting positions, as they are equipped with slide open gun ports, and exterior blinding type lights so the attacker has a hard time seeing the booth, and guards.

Facility managers need to spend more time educating themselves to the security needs for their facilities. Companies are cutting corners where they really should be investing more money.  Though some budgets are being cut, security managers will need to be more creative with their security dollars to lower their security risks.  Terrific perimeter security is one way to lower security risks.




Bullet resistant Guard Booths