5 Tips for Planning Your Business’ Security Booth Needs

The security of your business is no doubt one of your foremost priorities when you think the day-to-day requirements to keep running effectively. Of course, you’ve run every scenario of what can go wrong in your head, and there’s more that you haven’t even considered. This might sound a little paranoid, but you really can’t be too careful. Fortunately for you, there are effective ways to plan and bring to life a perfect security guard post design that will keep your business safe from any eventuality at all, and appear very aesthetically pleasing while doing so!

Indeed, a sense of visual appeal is much more important than you might think when it comes to generating a guard house plan. Plenty of businesses are gravitating towards a much more modern and sophisticated aesthetic, and all of the on-site facilities need to follow suit to create a uniform vision that radiates the ethos of your organization! Looks aren’t everything either! You’ll want to consider comfort and effectiveness as well. Check out these five tips for creating the perfect security guard post design!

Facility controller, a square, grey guard house in the road

Understand Your Need

First and Foremost, you need to truly understand exactly what it is that you need out of your security guard post design. You can hardly conceive the guard house plan of your dreams without carefully studying the specific security needs of your company. To do this, you will need to have all of your personnel and facility managers assess carefully the specific challenges of your location. Will you need a portable guard house? Is your business one that carries greater than average risk? How many security guards will the room plan need to support? These are the types of factors to consider.

Comfort is Key 

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how exemplary the design and build of a guard booth is, there is only so much that a structure can do. To ensure that your business is truly secure, you’ll need security guards that are working hard to the very same degree as your impressive guard house. To do this, they’ll need to be clear-headed and most importantly, not distracted by any trivial discomforts or inconveniences.

To this end, you should be sure that your security guard room plan offers occupants a comfortable atmosphere. A HVAC system is very important in making sure that your security personnel stay focused year-round, particularly in areas with extreme weather. This goes double for built-in restroom facilities, as many low-end guard houses go completely wrong in this regard. When conceiving your security guard post design, it’s important to consider your personnel first!

The Crop Protector, a brown guard house near a field

Go For an Appealing Look

Besides function, it’s important to think about face value when it comes to your security guard post design. While every part of your facility certainly has a practical function that is important to the success and security of your day-to-day operation, it’s still absolutely essential to ensure that it fills out as a visual addition to your facility. If you’re like hundreds of new, cutting-edge businesses out there today, you’re going for a cutting-edge look as well, you can choose from an extensive catalog of designs to ensure that your security guard house plan and the room plan inside match your entire business idea.

The Flip Side of Appearances

While it’s incredibly ideal to make sure that your guard house looks appealing to the friendly faces at your facility, you’ll also want to make sure that it looks equally intimidating to those potentially threatening individuals that may be planning to vandalize, trespass, or harm your business in a premeditated fashion or otherwise. Put simply, you’re going to want to make sure that your security guard post design gives the visual impression of the deterrent that it no doubt is.

Consider All Specifications

You might be tempted to simply think that ordering a security booth will be enough, and in some cases, it might. However, you will find that with a more hands-on approach to your security guard post design, you’ll be more pleased with the result. Many custom builders offer their own default specifications for you to consider, be the frame standard or ballistic. Furthermore, there are many state requirements to consider to ensure that your security guard room or house plan is compliant with regulations and standards. Be sure to consider every detail of your plan for the best results!