Does your Guard Booth protect your Guard Staff?

Does your Guard Booth protect your Guard Staff?

Security personnel need a secure place to do their job

As a warehouse or DC manager, you know your facility’s productivity can be severely impacted by your property’s gateway. Moving people and materials safely and efficiently on and off your grounds can make or break your operation.

Your security personnel are charged with assuring that only the right people come and go on your property. And they’re expected to handle this responsibility smoothly and quickly.

On top of this, they’re expected to repulse trespassers.

They need support. Provide a working environment that aids them in performing their responsibilities. It’s enlightened self interest on your part to provide protection from the elements and should the necessity arise, protection from violent assault.

Your guard staff are your first line of defense.

Protect your Security People, so they can protect your Facility

This versatile perimeter security station is but one in B.I.G. Enterprises’ abundant collection of 319 beautifully designed, and meticulously engineered guard shelters.

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