What You Need to Know About Distribution Center Security


Distribution centers are often in the crosshairs of those who view them as a soft target for theft, burglary, and vandalization. For organizations that operate warehouses and distribution centers, this is a major problem. Important merchandise and stock are at risk, which makes distribution center security vital to your operations.An unfortunate reality is your distribution center is often more at risk from internal theft than it is external burglary. Company employees, insiders, and contractors have access to your warehouse, and some may see an opportunity for crime. That does not mean you should be paranoid of every employee or guest, but it highlights how valuable an efficient distribution center security setup can help.

When developing a distribution center security strategy, creating a warehouse security checklist and knowing how to conduct a physical security risk assessment are both important.

Compiling a Warehouse Security Checklist
When working on a distribution center security plan, it’s impossible to cover every base. No single measure will ensure you’re safe from theft. However, by making some good decisions, you can cover as many holes in your security as possible and minimize the risk of loss.
Below is a warehouse security checklist that can provide a security safety net over your distribution center.

General Security Measures
CCTV – Should never be your only security measure but remains important.
Robust Locks – Needless to say, you need to ensure doors and other entry points can be securely locked.
Lighting – A well-illuminated building exterior can sometimes be enough to put off thieves.
Limit Access – It’s best to restrict access to your warehouse and separate visitors from staff, especially on the distribution side. Well-designed security booths help control access 24/7 while providing comfort for your security staff.

Physical Security Measures
Stock and Inventory – While the overall security of your warehouse is important, the focus should be on protecting your stock and inventory. Security guards that patrol the distribution center and security cages are two ways to help protect your assets.

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