What to Ask Before You Purchase Attendant Booths

The decision to spec and purchase a customized parking attendant booth is a serious one. Not only is it a major financial commitment, it’s also a commitment to the safety and security of your business and guard staff. Before you spec a guard booth, it’s helpful to know exactly what your needs will be. Though that seems easy enough, there are a lot of logistics and features that you may not have considered. The experts at B.I.G. Enterprises have created a list of key questions to consider before buying customized parking attendant booths or non-parking booths. B.I.G. Enterprises is a global leader in guard booth manufacturing, including guard booths, ballistic resistant booths, portable attendant booths, bullet resistant booths and equipment enclosures.

Here are some key questions to consider before designing and purchasing a top-quality attendant booth from B.I.G. Enterprises:

  • What is the purpose of your booths? Mapping out exactly how your attendant booths will be used by occupants, as well as visitors or customers sets the blueprint for your entire design. Doing a mental “walk-through” of its intended daily use will make the design process easier and more accurate.
  • What are the environmental impact considerations? How will the attendant booth fit in with its surroundings – and does its intended environment pose any issues that would affect the design? Do you need a portable attendant booth?
  • What are the security considerations? Will the occupants be exposed to potential dangers? What will those dangers be? In designing your booths we can incorporate features of ballistic resistant or bullet resistant, which offer different levels of protection to meet even the most critical security needs.
  • What “style” best fits your overall aesthetic needs? Attendant booths don’t have to be an eye sore. Quite the contrary – a modern attendant booth can be constructed to match your business or organizations design scheme, whether it’s modern, industrial, traditional or historical.
  • Will this be an environment that’s conducive to work? There’s a lot of work to be done inside attendant booths and it’s important the booths are designed to maximize efficiency and help staff get their job done. B.I.G. Enterprises will work with you to understand the exact needs and nature of the job being performed for your customized parking attendant booths or portable attendant booth.

Once you’ve answered these key questions, the next step is to get started and spec out the design of your attendant booth. The world’s most elite clients (including Costco, NASA and classified military operations) have trusted B.I.G. Enterprises to create attendant booths that offer the highest level of function, visual appeal and security. To view B.I.G. Enterprises’ full line of attendant booths and guard booths, please view all our designs and discover why we’re known worldwide as an innovator in the booth industry.