The Water Protector

The Water Protector

Like so many customers that contact B.I.G., they want Architectural superiority, materials for their environment, and bullet resistant construction. This custom booth built for NYC-DEP combines all of these requirements into the high security stainless steel Guard Booth.

Aquatic resources such as reservoirs and other watersheds require high level of security protection. If you’re seeking a security guard shack that is architecturally superior and bullet resistant, a design like the Water Protector stainless steel booth will meet your needs.

In developing this security guard shack for NYC-DEP, B.I.G Enterprises constructed a prefab structure designed for tough situations. If your facility faces specific security risks, such as potential gunfire, this stainless steel booth provides extra protection, along with extreme durability and weather protection.

Guard booths have a vital role to play in security and offer frontline defense for natural resources and businesses alike. For facilities that are exposed to added risks, having a security guard shack that can protect occupants is essential.

Built to Last

B.I.G. Enterprises builds prefabricated guard booths that are designed to the specifications of the customer. Our highly customized structures provide the security and durability you demand for your facility. B.I.G. booths are inherently tougher than traditional booths because we focus on creating strength-tested panels that can provide complete protection.

For the Water Protector security guard shack, customers have a stainless steel booth that can withstand gunfire. While nothing is ever fully bulletproof, the Water Protector is bullet resistant, meaning occupants can remain safe under exceptional circumstances. We manufacture ballistic booths from U.L. Level 1-10 or NIJ standards.

When you develop a guard booth with B.I.G. Enterprises, we will meet the specific regulatory requirements in your state. To find out more about the Water Protector security guard shack or any of our other booths, contact the B.I.G. team today.