Increasing Perimeter Protections & Security of Your Business Premises

Increasing Perimeter Protections & Security of Your Business Premises

In a world full of uncertainty, perimeter protection provides peace of mind. While it’s impossible to plan for every possible scenario, evaluating your security of premises and taking steps to fix vulnerabilities is the key to minimizing risk. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Implementing established and cutting-edge security solutions may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier and more affordable than most business owners realize or assume. And, the investment is absolutely worth every penny and moment spent. After all, you can’t put a cost on human lives.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure the safety of your staff and guests, as well as your company’s assets.

1. Establish Emergency Protocol

Knowledge and training are just as important as installing perimeter protection equipment. In fact, few would argue that your security team is far-and-away the most vital component to your overall safety. Of course, your team must also have access to the necessary equipment. The best security is a well-trained team and proper infrastructure and gear.

Start by considering all possible emergency scenarios — even the unlikely ones. Risk assessment varies from business to business, so there’s no single formula. Talk to your security team and employees so you can get a well-rounded idea of potential threats. Once you’ve made a solid list of things that could go wrong, you can find proper perimeter protection solutions.

For example, say there’s an active shooter. Would it make more sense to evacuate the building or go into lockdown? How would your guards respond? Would they try to neutralize the threat themselves or wait for police to arrive?

In any type of emergency situation, you must have a plan ready to enact immediately when every second is critical. You may want to consult with a professional for in-depth guidance.

2. Install Security Infrastructure

The importance of installing security booths cannot be overstated, for a number of reasons. In order to provide adequate security of premises, your security team needs a home base. Security booths act as central locations where your security team can handle perimeter protection safely, with all of the essential equipment in one accessible hub.

Beyond acting as an impenetrable fortress (our booths are bullet and explosion-resistant), security booths are an extremely effective deterrent. When it comes to protecting your business, your first priority should be preventing emergency scenarios from happening in the first place. If a criminal is planning an attack, they’re much more likely to reconsider when they see your security infrastructure.

Every business and property is unique. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer a variety of booth designs. Moreover, we create customized perimeter protection infrastructure that’s catered to your unique requirements.

With over 50 years of experience, we know what works. You can depend on B.I.G. booths to deliver the crucial security features that allow you to de-escalate situations as quickly and safely as possible.

3. Use Modern Camera Equipment

So many businesses are still relying on outdated monitoring equipment. While that grainy, black-and-white VHS footage may have been the best available when you bought it, there are better options on the market today.

Cameras are multifaceted tools that help you to A) respond to threats in real-time and B) prevent them from occurring again. A big part of perimeter protection is being able to assist law enforcement agencies after the fact. It’s possible that the subject won’t be caught immediately, and that’s where your footage comes in.

Besides (hopefully) capturing the identity of criminals, cameras are absolutely vital when you need to protect the security of premises immediately, while the situation is unfolding. From the safety of a security booth, your guards can check cameras to see which areas are safe. They can pinpoint the current location of threats and then take fast action.

4. Protect Your Data

In today’s largely digital landscape, data is more valuable than ever — not just for social media platforms, but for criminals, as well. Your perimeter protection can be compromised if someone is able to hack your blueprints or lock codes, for example.

These days, there’s simply no excuse to not have computer security in place. One data breach can have disastrous repercussions, in more ways than one. Your computer systems must be fully encrypted so there’s no way that someone could access information that could leave you vulnerable.

In addition to safeguarding your computer data, it’s vital that you shred all documents that could provide a criminal with private information. Even something seemingly harmless — a memo from an employee, for example — could provide a criminal with a name that they could use to potentially gain access to the facility. That brings us to the final point:

5. Verify Your Guests

A massive part of perimeter protection is making sure that each and every person who steps foot on your property should, in fact, be there. Security breaches aren’t always forceful. Most criminals would prefer to simply be allowed in. Unfortunately, by the time you realize that there’s been a breach, it might be too late.

Your security booth acts as a location where visitors must be verified well before they hit the parking lot, let alone the main building. Your guard should have a list of any visitors to ensure security of premises. If the guest isn’t listed, you should have protocol in place that makes it possible for guards to verify guests before they enter. No exceptions.

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You must never compromise when planning your company’s perimeter protection. Our team is ready to provide custom, prefabricated guard house solutions for your property. Since 1963, B.I.G. booths have remained the gold standard. Depended on by Fortune 500 businesses and all branches of the government in all 50 states, our built-to-order booths are second to none.

Our experts are standing by to help you choose the right prefabricated guard shacks for your unique needs. We make it easy for you to find comprehensive solutions that will drastically improve safety. Nobody wants to have to use their perimeter protection, but it’s absolutely critical to have effective security features ready to go. Contact us now for a free quote.