The Estate Hurricane-Proof Structure

The Estate Hurricane-Proof Structure

Organizations and communities in regions of the country affected by hurricanes each year need structures that can stand up to the worst tropical storms. The Estate booth is a unique design and a perfect example of a security booth for communities that need a hurricane-proof structure that can withstand the full power of Mother Nature.

Many estates in areas affected by tropical storms and hurricanes need structures that can literally weather the storm. Getting a booth that can withstand massive wind speeds is easier said than done and requires expert design. Our hurricane-proof Estate booth is new to the Prefab Booth industry and adheres to strict hurricane construction codes.

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, governments introduced stringent building codes to determine what makes structures hurricane proof. Among the booth features B.I.G. Enterprises used on The Estate booth include:

  • Copper standing seam roof.
  •  Architectural copula.
  • Gutters.
  • Downspouts.

Furthermore, the booth is factory prepped for on-site installation of architectural brick, complete electrical, mechanical and cabinetry.

Building a Hurricane-Proof Structure

In areas where hurricane-force winds are a fact of life, steps are necessary to ensure structures can endure. Most buildings need added design features to manage powerful winds, including special reinforcements, to be deemed a hurricane-proof structure.

This is as true for prefabricated structures as it is buildings, which is why the Estate booth is designed to these strict regulations. B.I.G. Enterprises is the leader in security and control booths, with over 50 years’ experience in the market. Our expertise in building premium quality prefab structures means the Estate booth can keep occupants safe in the harshest of conditions.

Meeting Guidelines

States hit by major storm events each year have strict building code requirements in place to ensure structures can withstand hurricane-force winds. For example, Florida introduced the “Florida Building Code” (FBC), a set of standards, guidelines, and regulations to highlight requirements for construction.

Across all states, B.I.G. Enterprises works to build ready-made booths to local code requirements and construction demands. For a hurricane-proof structure like The Estate booth, we are compliant with the latest standards for building in hurricane zones. Contact our team today to find out how we can help you secure your facility with storm-ready, prefabricated booth structures.


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