The Aztec

The Aztec

When other industry members said it could not be done, B.I.G. Enterprises received the call and showed our architectural prowess and why we are the leader in the prefabricated shelter and booth industry.

Today, the results of our team’s efforts speak for themselves:

A custom ticket booth at a major university that not only is architecturally superior and built to match the style and character of the campus itself – but a ticketing booth constructed to the high standards of quality, fit, and finish that B.I.G. has used to establish ourselves as the industry leader.

This prefabricated shelter design was built to hold up through years of high traffic and staff use, while also dealing with a climate that can be downright punishing on buildings.

The Aztec ensures that ticketing staff are protected from the elements, have access to all their tools and equipment, and can process the needs of the legions of fans who pass by these units every gameday.

This unit came to be only after the school contacted B.I.G. with their unique architectural request – so if your university, park, or facility has a need for a prefab design that requires a style that might not be found in our catalog, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts and start the process to find out what we are capable of doing for you.