Technology Building Protector Booth

Technology Building Protector Booth

Protecting technology buildings that house sensitive business infrastructure and data is vital. Such businesses require a high level of security in order to ensure smooth operations. For this purpose, guard shacks and security buildings need to be designed specifically to provide advanced perimeter security for your organization while also ensuring the safety of your security staff.

Our pre-fabricated standard style Technology Protector guard booth is a premium example of a booth designed to ensure robust security measures are in place for an organization’s technology buildings. Made with a corrugated metal panel exterior, architectural galvanized steel, and a horizontal build-out wall painted with accent coloring, this guard booth also features a restroom for your staff’s comfort. The Technology Protector was built to the Texas Modular Enclosure state regulations to meet energy and building codes.

With flexibility in design choice and style, we can also provide small upgrades to enhance the booth’s appearance. Using B.I.G.’s expertise, you will always be certain that your guard shack is made to order and tailored to your specifications.

Decades of Experience Designing Guard Shacks and Security Buildings

With over 50 years experience in the business of providing security booths to organizations across the US, B.I.G. Enterprises’ guard shacks offer the gold standard in both quality and appearance. Using a ’plug-and-play’ design ethos, you can be certain that the booth you order will be ready to operate as soon as it is shipped on site with everything included – flooring, shelves, AC, insulation.

Your technology buildings are the core of your business. For that reason, you will only opt for the most trusted and reliable security building provider. To learn more about our Technology Protector guard booth, give us a call to talk to an expert or request a free quote online.