Custom Ticket Booth 1

Custom Ticket Booth 1

Find the largest selection of ticket booth designs at B.I.G. Enterprises. The importance of a high-quality Mass Transit ticket booth cannot be overstated. Not only is the booth the central hub where customers purchase tickets, it’s also a crucial security point where personnel can operate as efficiently as possible. Naturally, selecting the right design is vital to the success of your operation.

Compliant Booths Built to Perfection

This booth (located at the San Joaquin Rail) is just one example of our many guard and ticket booth designs. In addition to meeting ADA code, this regional rail commission booth was designed and painted to complement the terminal with custom clear, anodized aluminum roll down security shutters. Rest assured that our highly experienced and qualified experts can create custom ticket booth designs for your railway as well.

Save Time and Money with Prefabricated Booths

Choosing a prefabricated structure, rather than a custom build, just makes sense. We build our booths to order at our factory, and then they’re delivered to your site, fully-featured and ready to go. That way you don’t have to deal with ongoing construction that interrupts business. Besides being the easier, faster choice, prefabricated ‘plug-and-play’ booths allow you to spend less and get a higher quality, full-featured structure.

Contact Us for Further Information

B.I.G. booths can be found on-site at government properties in all 50 states, not to mention many Fortune 500 companies. Quite simply, we set the industry standard. We have ticket booth designs ready to go, or we can design something from scratch. Contact our experts for more information, or feel free to request a quote online.