Securing Our Energy: The Importance of Security Control Booths

Securing Our Energy: The Importance of Security Control Booths

From keeping the lights on and our cars running, to powering our stovetops, heating and air conditioning, coffee makers, nightlights, and –– of course –– charging our smartphones, the energy we use each and every day is easy to take for granted. But behind the scenes, hundreds of thousands of people work around the clock to ensure we have the energy we need to power our lives.

This work has become increasingly important in the 21st century, as we depend more than ever on electricity to keep us connected at home, at work, and everywhere in between. The energy industry has, in a sense, become the foundation upon which all other industries rest; without it, we’d be in the dark, both figuratively and literally.

The critical role the energy industry plays in our lives is why it is also particularly vulnerable to external threats. That’s why it is mandatory that energy industry professionals have reliable, state-of-the-art security solutions, personnel, and control booths to keep their facilities, people, and pipelines protected.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific threats to the energy sector, as well as the ways in which physical security measures help to counter those threats.

Threats to Power Plants & Energy Facilities

The energy sector is comprised of both government agencies and private companies, with thousands of individual facilities spread across the nation. From power plants –– including thermal, hydroelectric, solar, wind, and nuclear –– to power grid control centers, these facilities and the people who operate them keep the power on for the entire country.

Unfortunately, that makes these facilities vulnerable to external threats and sensitive to accidental mishaps. That is why a security control booth that addresses the needs of a 21st century energy facility is critical.

Nuclear Power Plant Security

Nuclear Power Plant

While intelligent, modern security protocols are important for every energy sector facility, nuclear power plants are a unique case due to the highly sensitive atomic materials they use and the nuclear waste they produce.

Security solutions designed specifically for nuclear power plants must take into account the myriad of threats and hazards that a nuclear facility faces. From simple human error to terrorist attacks, a nuclear facility must have expertly trained personnel, state-of-the-art tools and technology, and the physical security measures in place to detect threats and neutralize them as quickly and safely as possible.

Security control booths built for nuclear power plants must be outfitted with bullet and blast resistant materials, including the walls, windows, doors, roof and in some cases, the floor. The material used to manufacture these control booths (known as BBREs) is material that can sustain impact from explosive devices and/or high-power gunfire and keep security personnel protected This type of protection allows the guard to respond to the threat. In addition, these security centers should feature storage space for weapons and ammunition and slide-open gun ports to return fire in the event of an attack.

Last but not least, secure data and communications, landline phones, and camera equipment are all critical in detecting, preventing, and stopping security or safety breaches.

How Guard Booths Protect the Energy Industry

Security guard booths customized to suit the specific needs of energy facilities are about more than establishing a hub for your sophisticated monitoring technology. These control booths provide a central location for security personnel to operate and communicate with one another.

A security control booth projects a necessary sense of authority that can serve as a deterrent to standard threats, such as trespassing, vandalism, and robbery. Camera equipment and detection tools built into your security stations can lay the groundwork for tracking and recording everyone who enters and exits the facility, while your security team can provide the physical presence needed to conduct investigations, prevent and stop attacks, and report accidents as soon as possible.

Communication networks can connect the central control hub of a power plant or power grid monitoring center with your security guard station to ensure that any security breach or safety hazard is immediately shared with both teams. This can dramatically improve response times and lower the risk of severe consequences from accidents or attacks.

Finally, investing in, implementing, and maintaining high-level security is a core responsibility of energy facility owners and managers. Physical security measures provide your facility’s employees peace of mind so they can get their work done with the knowledge that they are safe and protected; similarly, the public which consumes your energy deserves to know that your facility does not pose any serious risk to their livelihood.

Upgrade Your Energy Security

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If you’re ready to upgrade the security at your facility, get in touch with us today. Our team can help you find the right design, work with you to customize the unit to your needs, and add state-of-the-art features to keep your security personnel operating at their best.

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