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U.S. Capitol Building surrounded by images of guard booths

Graphic padlock with B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. logoB.I.G. Enterprises manufactures custom guard booths. Custom booths with confidence in every detail—prefabricated booths with limitless styles. At B.I.G., custom means booths built for challenging locations and booths built for any environment.

Dark gray, metal guard booth with large windows and pyramid-shaped roofThe Commonwealth – Built for a Capitol Complex, features architectural wall treatments, standing seam metal roof with snow guards, split system HVAC, and bullet resistant construction. More info

Blue and gray guard booth with large overhanging roofTechnology Protector – Together with restroom, corrugated exterior metal panel, an architectural galvanized steel horizontal build-out wall painted an accent color. Full code compliance including energy code. More Info  

Silver-paneled guard booth with rounded roofThe Convincer – Highest-threat security booth, with bullet resistant armor and stainless steel, standing seam dome roof, louvers and security lights, complete electrical, cabinetry and electronic doors.  More Info

Guard booth mounted on a utility trailerTrailer Mounted Ballistic Guard Booth – Portable guard booth built to NIJ-IV can be manufactured to any level of bullet resistance required from U.L. Level 1-8 and up to NIJ-4. USDOT approved ready for highway use. More Info

Gray security booth with sliding glass windows and a hangover roofHitachi – made in one piece and ready to install. Large full-height sliding glass door with concealed hanger track and rollers, steel framed shelves with MDF board covered with plastic laminate with anodized aluminum trim. More Info

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