Security for a new era: innovative guard booth

Security for a new era: innovative guard booth

B.I.G. unveils Commonwealth guard booth installed near the nation’s capitol

New guard booth design provides highest level of security and complements the classic nature of its surroundings. “The Commonwealth” model includes a solid-surface, complete pre-wired electrical package, gate and barrier control, insulated walls... READ MORE

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Rare life-time guarantee for B.I.G. security windows

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B.I.G.’s unique octagon booth designed for the Rhode Island Courthouse

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NASA receives compliments for their new security booth

Tired of your poor-sliding guard shelter window?

B.I.G. innovative steel trak yields window longevity for guard security

WATCH OUR VIDEO to learn more about how our shelter windows are built to last years, provide optimal security for your guards and are designed for maximum defense; how they open and close over 400,000 times showing not one sign of wear and tear so B.I.G. windows come with a lifetime guarantee!

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Bundled freight saves shipping

Bundled Freight Saves Shipping Costs

What many of our customers don’t know, and are pleasantly surprised to see when we provide them with a "firm" freight cost, is that we bundle our shipments to keep freight costs down. MORE

NASA receives compliments for their new security booth

“We get compliments on the booth from both employees and visitors on how nice it looks. The design is great. The exterior glazing helps reduce glare and the counter top has plenty of equipment room. Our new security station has everything we wanted and much more.”

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