Get the Booth You Imagine

Get the Booth You Imagine

Lighted guard booth with small, upper window panes at dusk

Luxurious and sophisticated, the Del Rey (shown left) meets stringent safety and security regulations. Detailed wainscoting on wall panels, sculptured fascia with custom crown molding and elegant Colonial-style mullions: you can have pretty much anything you want.

Gray, steel bi-level security booth

The Titan guard booth (shown right) features painted galvanized steel, a stainless steel wing wall, and a highly customized stainless steel architectural HVAC louver: all helped to realize one architect’s concept. Why go with a cookie-cutter design when B.I.G. can build your image?

Tan guard booth with slightly rounded roof

A ticket booth design (shown left) for an important sports arena integrates security with heavy-duty Type 304 stainless steel plate floor covered with industrial rubber tiles, hurricane-rated doors with stainless steel hinges and dual pane insulating glass. Can we help you solve a big problem?

Red, white, and blue NASA security booth

This robust bullet-resistant design (shown right) supports national security and infrastructure upgrades mandated by the Federal Government.  High-output roof-mounted HVAC systems and smart use of interior space allows for a complete restroom facility. What do you have in mind?

Wooden security booth with long, gray wooden slats

Working with B.I.G., pre-fab is anything but drab. The Parallelogram is fabricated (shown left) from welded, Type 304 corrosion-resistant stainless steel framing, with an expected life span of 30-40 years. The roof boasts solar reflective index of 95-plus. What features do you need?

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Customized to Your Environs –Architectural Harmony

We customize every security booth design to meet your specific security and environmental needs.