Prefabrication Equals Excellence: Factory Built vs Site Built

Prefabrication Equals Excellence: Factory Built vs Site Built

Making a tough decision on the sort of perimeter-security guard shacks to protect your facility?  Count on B.I.G.’s leadership in innovative prefab booth manufacturing to keep you out front of all others. Security leadership requires vigilant anticipation.

Our list of innovations—copied by many—includes these features that come standard on most all B.I.G. products

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Onsite construction is subject to the elements, unstable working conditions and a myriad of distractions. Prefabrication in a factory designed specifically for the purpose ensures greater quality and conformance to specs.

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An additional benefit of prefabrication is the savings. Materials are protected from the weather, there are fewer errors, so less waste. These are just a few of the reasons B.I.G. can save you up to 35%-70% over traditional onsite construction.

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Reach out to us and let us give you one less thing to worry about. Let us show you how we can work with you to deliver a guard booth that harmonizes with your design. B.I.G. booths are constructed to tight tolerances and demonstrate quality construction, freeing up dollars you can use elsewhere on your project. At B.I.G. we build your image.

We invite you to look inside for B.I.G. innovations!

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