Aerospace Modern Guard House

Aerospace Modern Guard House

Organizations require guard booths to provide robust security but may also need something that is visually appealing. There is an increasing need for ultra-modern architecture in business headquarters and facilities, and so a modern guard house that matches that contemporary aesthetic is critical. By working with B.I.G. Enterprises, you can have the modern guard house that meets your demands.

Specifically, the Aerospace modern guard house is a parallelogram-shaped guard booth and a unique, beautiful structure that B.I.G. designed and fabricated from start to finish. Boasting stainless steel construction, stainless steel casework, ductless split system HVAC, this prefab booth is an example of how our designs can combine visual appeal and unmatched functionality.

Highly Customized Booth Designs, Only at B.I.G.

Our booths are long-lasting and provide an efficient prefab structure that can be used in a variety of situations. For the Aerospace modern guard house, we have built on this template and developed a design that stands out.

Guard booths serve an important function and help to keep your organization secure. That’s why even the ultra-modern Aerospace is engineered with strength and durability in mind. Our structures are built to withstand unique scenarios, including inclement weather conditions.

One of the significant benefits of choosing a guard booth from B.I.G. is you can create a prefab structure to your unique building specifications. Whether you have ideas about side or materials, we can work with you to ensure your demands are met. All of our modern guard house designs are constructed to meet regulatory legislation in your state.

To learn more about what we can build for your business or facility, get in touch with us today for a complimentary quote.