New Control Center booth model heightens safety at High-Security Facilities

New Control Center booth model heightens safety at High-Security Facilities

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  • B.I.G.’s manufacturing processes captured on drone video
  • Arresting booth design mirrors creative environment
  • Scale House Booth promotes smooth operations

Get a Drone’s eye view of B.I.G.


Tour B.I.G’s manufacturing facility, where its complete line of prefabricated modular structures are built to your image and delivered worldwide – as seen through the eyes of a drone.

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Bundled freight saves shipping

Bundled Freight Saves Shipping Costs

What many of our customers don’t know, and are pleasantly surprised to see when we provide them with a "firm" freight cost, is that we bundle our shipments to keep freight costs down. MORE

New Control Center booth model heightens safety at High-Security Facilities

Bullet and Blast resistance – and a host of other high level security features – gives B.I.G.’s new Control Center custom-guard-booth a threat-protection advantage. Designed to...READ MORE

B.I.G. Scale House praised by Municipal Recycling Center

“We found that our operations function much better with the presence of the new B.I.G. scale house.  It provides security, safety from the elements, and it’s clean.  The B.I.G. scale house has sped up our operations—we are more efficient. Our staff is more productive with a climate controlled scale house, especially with our harsh weather and it’s so quiet, they can handle increased tasks.“

“Because of B.IG.’s construction quality, we expect these scale houses to be here for the life of our facility…a few decades.  We’re really happy—the scale houses arrived almost fully functional.  We love them.   The visual appearance of the B.I.G. scale houses is really nice.”

GSA Contract Schedule

B.I.G.'S products are listed and available on the GSA Contract, Schedule GS-07F-0169T