Industrial Shelter Applications

How to Make the Best Use of Your Security Guard Buildings

Investing in industrial shelters from B.I.G. Enterprises provides an opportunity to enhance the security of your business, employees, visitors, clients, and guests. High-quality security guard buildings also offer an appropriate location for your security staff to work, access necessary equipment and technology, and do what they’re trained to do: safeguard people and assets. While each business has unique and specific security needs, there are numerous ways prefabricated industrial shelters maximize their return on investment and increase profitability. Here’s a list of how some of our clients have implemented their structures:

How to Use B.I.G.’s Industrial Shelters:

  •       Bullet resistant guard booths for financial institutions
  •       Security booths for college campuses
  •       Guard houses for residential housing complexes
  •       Guard Shacks for Distribution centers
  •       Control Booths for Data Centers
  •       Parking booths for sports stadiums
  •       Attendant booths for parking garages
  •       Ticket booths for outdoor events
  •       Cashier booths for concerts
  •       Information booths for recreational attractions
  •       Entrance booths for office parks
  •       Shelters for transit stops
  •       Prefabricated steel shelters for high-security locations
  •       Bus shelters for safety and transit access
  •       Smoking shelters for workplaces and visitors
  •       Operator shelters for recycling and distribution facilities
  •       Pay station shelters for airports and self-serve parking

As you can see, the uses for our security guard buildings are varied, and our customization options mean we can create a secure structure that exceeds all your needs while staying within your budget. Look over our design portfolio and contact us to learn more.