Ballistic resistant booths  for best protectionSecure Your Perimeter and Protect Your Facility With B.I.G. Blast Resistant Technology

Protecting the perimeter—and ensuring the safety of those who guard it —is the first line of defense from a blast threat to a critical facility. State of the Art Blast Resistant protection is now available on custom, prefabricated guard houses and attendant booths manufactured by B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. that are designed to withstand the highest threat levels, enabling security personnel inside to respond and initiate emergency procedures, saving lives and property.

Whether a sensitive laboratory on a university campus, a refinery or power generation plant, a military base, a movie studio protecting its VIP guests, or a top-security government compound; the secured fabricated guard booth, security booth, or prefabricated guard house, is one of the most sensitive sites for monitoring the safety and security of your entire facility.  A ballistic resistant booth should definitely be considered; some may call it a bullet proof guard booth, but this term is misleading. Prefabricated blast or ballistic resistant security booths require a high level of functionality and a blast or ballistic resistant method of construction from the windows to the hardware.
Our customers have called B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. a premier manufacturer of custom, and prefabricated guard houses and attendant booths. Founded in 1963, many have said that our reputation for quality, design innovation, and price point are unmatched in the industry. Our fabricated guard booths have been installed in every state nationwide.

➔      Custom manufacturing 
➔      All-steel welded construction
➔      Locking doors
➔      Many colors available
➔      Fully finished and wired
➔      No assembly required
➔      Bullet-resistant options
➔      IBC and ADA  approved
➔      Written warranty

Security booths delivered directly to you from B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. are designed to withstand the highest security levels, and protect security personnel so that they can initiate and respond to emergency procedures that will save lives and property.  Today's heightened demand for perimeter security demands a ballistic resistant booth product like ours that will stand strong at the epicenter of any emergency your facility may face. Though some mistakenly call it a bullet proof guard booth.  With a B.I.G. high security booth standing watch on your premises, you may never have to face that emergency. Stand strong and stand secure with B.I.G blast resistant high security fabricated guard booths.


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