The Most Innovative Security Guard Booth Designs in the Country

A security booth design that meets the needs of the 21st century requires smart engineering, the highest quality materials, custom features, and world-class construction. From college campuses to government facilities, private businesses and public squares, every location presents unique challenges and necessitates a different approach.

But some situations call for a truly innovative security solution that rises to those unique challenges. Below, we’ll explore a few of our favorite security guard booths in the country.

Command Center

Security Booths Control Center

The Control Center security command center is a fortified station constructed for a highly sensitive government facility. Some of the features included in this completely customizable security booth design are high level ballistic resistant construction, a restroom, gun rack, advanced data and communications connectivity, and a surveillance closet. Prefabricated off-site, this unit also includes additional engineering that is intended to support roof overhang added on-site during installation.

This design offers your security team the features they need to perform at their best while also being comfortable. It also maximizes the space to include numerous security features that help protect them against high-level threats. This design can be altered depending on the number of security personnel as well as the amenities you wish to include.

The New Beginnings Gatehouse

New beginnings gate house

The New Beginnings Gate House reflects the B.I.G. commitment to rising to the challenge. For this project, our team’s assignment was to create a guard booth that truly blended in with the natural surroundings. In this case, those surroundings were trees in a historic part of Maryland, and the design had to be approved by the Historic Architectural Committee.

This guard booth sits at the entrance to the New Beginnings Youth Detention Center, so it was important that the security station help set a positive tone and harmonize with the surroundings. It was one of the biggest security booth design challenges we’ve faced. Working with Washington D.C.’s Bell Architects, our team was able to match the environment with a unique mirrored exterior paneling. This solution better reflects the center’s mission to help young people get back on the right track.

Despite the mirrored exterior, the guard booth is built to last, with a galvanized steel floor, galvanized roof and fascia, and an acoustic drop ceiling and galvanized steel ceiling grid. Other features include a fully ADA compliant restroom, LED lighting, ductless split system HVAC, data and communications conduits, and the highest-rated polyurethane paint finish available.

The Xtreme Facility Protector

Bullet resistant security booth design

The Xtreme Facility Protector booth model weight in at 45,000 pounds, built to withstand the highest-level security threats. This unit is designed to UFC 3-340-01, UFC 3-340-02, and MIL-A-12560H specifications, which means it has one of the highest possible levels of ballistic and blast-resistance available. In fact, this security booth design is so strong that it can withstand the impact of an F5 tornado!

The Xtreme Facility Protector can provide military complexes, nuclear facilities, and other locations in which security cannot be compromised with a solution that gives security personnel the ultimate protection as well as the opportunity to strike back.

The Xtreme Facility Protector can be built with ballistic window visors and sliding gun ports with quick-release locks, and state-of-the-art communications and surveillance equipment. Other features that went into this security booth design include ergonomically correct fixtures and fittings, energy-efficient LED lighting, and a split-system HVAC. Built to function in the most extreme climates, the exterior fortified by implementing a high-pressure wash method that is acid-etches the surface, then primed with two-part epoxy and finally finished with high-solids polyurethane paint.

Last but not least, these units are delivered in one piece and are pre-wired so they’re ready to ‘plug and play’ upon arrival.

Design Your Own Security Solution

If you’re looking for an innovative security solution, our team is here to help. We will work with you to design a guard booth that is completely custom to meet your needs. We can start with an existing design, or create something entirely original from scratch. It’s what we’ve been doing better than anyone else in the industry for over 40 years.

To get started on your security booth design, explore our gallery of booths for inspiration and send us a message today.