Security Booth Air Conditioning

Security Booth Air Conditioning

Recently, we received contact from a prospective customer regarding HVAC units for security booths. In this correspondence, Mr. Fried explains that he ordered a security booth from one of our competitors and is unhappy with the booth air conditioning they provided. In this post, we'll discuss security booth air conditioners and how guard shacks with A/C and heat provide comfort for employees or visitors during extreme weather conditions. Here is the correspondence we received:

Dear Dave,

I ordered a booth a while back from one of your competitors and I need to replace it. The booth is roughly 110 square feet and they sold me the unit with a recreational vehicle (RV) style roof-mounted unit for the booth air conditioning, and a 4000-watt wall-mounted heater. I am located in Arizona and that air conditioner cannot handle our summer, or winter. Will your proposal to me include the same type of HVAC?

Dear Mr. Fried in Phoenix,

I understand your situation, I see many specifications with RV-style air conditioners, and simply scratch my head. We almost never provide RV-style air conditioners, while they do work well in some cases, a 110-square-foot booth in your climate, or virtually all US climates should have a commercial ductless split system HVAC. Our proposal will include an HVAC with at least 23,000 BTU heating and cooling, and we will make sure the booth is properly insulated, including dual pane insulating glass.

Why Ductless Split Systems HVAC Units Are Better

A commercial split system air conditioner is a more efficient and practical solution to cool and heat buildings, including booth air conditioning. The split system is more Architectural, compact, and meets all US energy code requirements.  Furthermore, many States have started to require a 4’ tall perimeter railing at the roof if a roof-mounted HVAC is used.  Not only is that an expensive addition, but it’s also an eyesore for the Architectural appearance many booths have. Split systems are also quieter than residential units and are easier to service without disrupting business operations. HVAC units come with different amounts of B.T.U.s or British Thermal Units, and generally, the higher that number, the easier it is to power your guard shack with A/C and heat

Choose B.I.G. Guard Shacks For Ultimate Performance

Commercial split systems provide the comfort employees need to deal with extreme heat and cold and they can have a supply-only duct installed from the cassette to provide air to a restroom area or office area inside the booth. In today's world, seasons are becoming more severe, and companies require units that can specifically handle the demands of a commercial environment. Now more than ever, it is necessary to provide state-of-the-art guard shacks with A/C and heat to security personnel so job performance won't suffer.  

At B.I.G., our innovative security guard houses are the perfect choice for businesses that want to ensure their staff and guards can work effectively at all times. We offer several HVAC options, such as high output heaters, ceiling fans, and more, so you can be sure that your guard shack will be comfortable and efficient no matter the weather. Contact us or call 800-669-1449 today to speak to our experts!