Security Booth Air Conditioner

Dear Dave,

I ordered a booth a while back from one of your competitors and I need to replace it. The booth is roughly 110 square feet and they sold me the unit with a recreational vehicle (RV) style roof mounted air conditioner, and a 4000 watt wall mounted heater. I am located in Arizona and that air conditioner cannot handle our summer, or winter. Will your proposal to me include the same type of HVAC.

Dear Mr. Fried in Phoenix,

I understand your situation, I see many specifications with RV style air conditioners, and simply scratch my head. We almost never provide RV style air conditioners, while they do work well in some cases, a 110 square foot booth in your climate, or virtually all US climates should have a commercial roof mounted HVAC, or split system. Our proposal will include a HVAC with at least 23,000 BTU heating and cooling, and we will make sure the booth is properly insulated, including dual pane insulating glass.