Guard Shack Enclosures

Standard and Customized Guard Shack Enclosures

Maintaining the security of a facility’s premises has become a top concern of government officials, business executives, farmers, data centers, and the list goes on. At one time, guard shack enclosures were seldom used but with the level of today’s threat intensifying, appropriate security has become essential.

Although you can use a number of deterrents against criminals such as alarm systems, perimeter fencing, and even closed circuit TV, one of the most effective ways to keep your business safe is by employing trained security guards. To maintain visibility, monitor people, and coordinate patrol efforts, guard shack enclosures staffed with guards provide an efficient and powerful deterrent.

Because the level of security is unique according to the business, you want to work with a top-rated manufacturing company that will assess your specific needs and then fabricate the perfect guard station accordingly. U.S.-based B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc. is an exceptional company that offers a wide range of guard shack enclosures, as well as security features and amenities.

Regardless of your need, this company guarantees that only the highest quality materials are used and that workmanship is superior. You have the opportunity to purchase from standard sizes that range from 3x3-foot to 12x24-foot or if preferred, the company can build a customized enclosure.

In addition to the size of guard shack enclosures, B.I.G. offers numerous innovative features that enhance both security and comfort. Although there are over one hundred companies that manufacture guard houses, none surpass B.I.G. For more than 50 years, this company has intensely studied every aspect of a high quality guard station, which has resulted in far superior products when compared to the competition.

All of the guard shack enclosures manufactured by B.I.G. are shipped fully constructed so there is no assembly required. Whether looking for a security booth to keep track of comings and goings of tenants and visitors of an apartment complex, as a place for gathering toll on a major roadway, or a full-line of defense for a government facility, this company can assist.

Guard shack enclosures are designed for a single-person operation or built for multi-purpose use for monitoring larger areas with integrated television systems. From size to layout, B.I.G. offers the perfect solution.