Upgrade Workplace Security with a Custom Guardhouse

Upgrade Workplace Security with a Custom Guardhouse

Traditionally considered a luxury item, an on-premise security booth is now a workplace security necessity for many businesses, including hospitals, airports, resorts and spas, military bases, government buildings, and numerous private companies. The presence of a secure guardhouse at a business entrance helps to improve workplace safety and sends a clear message to visitors and clients that they can feel safe while on the premises. Regardless of the style you select or the function your visitors booth will serve, a reputable company must manufacture the structure. Peace of mind comes from knowing that every aspect of the design and build will match your exact specifications.

Dont Make this Workplace Security Mistake!

The number one mistake most businesses make is waiting until a threat or some kind of criminal activity has occurred before purchasing a guardhouse. Having an established check-point or "guard shack" is a preventive safety measure. As a result, your employees, customers, or patients will feel more secure, and you will be able to stop any potential security issues before they arise.

Secure Parking Lots

Parking Kiosk

If your business must monitor vehicle movement and parking arrangements, a strategically placed parking booth is an ideal solution. Staffing a parking booth during business hours improves traffic flow and improves workplace safety by deterring crime and reducing automobile break-ins. Another benefit is that staffed parking booths provide a customer service touch-point, which is a significant benefit for maintaining client satisfaction.

Secure Your Workplace

For businesses that need significant workplace security measures, such as medical laboratories, high-tech and software companies, chemical plants, and government buildings, video monitoring, and rigorous surveillance capabilities are a requirement. In these instances, security guards will need additional features and amenities built into their guardhouse to ensure the highest safety levels are met. These other design options can include a specialized locking mechanism for the door, various pieces of communication and technology equipment, and outside lighting.

In workplaces requiring high-security levels, guard enclosures can be constructed of blast resistant and bulletproof materials. If unauthorized personnel or an intruder poses a threat, not only will the guard be protected, but they will be able to alert key security staff and law enforcement. Read the client case studies on our website to learn more.

Improve Workplace Safety with B.I.G. Enterprises

Take the safety and security of your employees and customers seriously by installing a prefabricated guardhouse. B.I.G. Enterprises is the industry leader, offering over fifty years of experience and expertise. To learn about our customization options, and receive a complimentary quote, call 1-800-669-1449 or complete our online form today.