Evolution of Security: How Manned Security Booths Changed in the 21st Century

Evolution of Security: How Manned Security Booths Changed in the 21st Century

Life in the first half of the 21st century is dramatically different than it was even during the end of the 20th century, and much of that has to do with our relationships with technology, tools, and a sense of security. Manned security has become increasingly important and is a necessity in many industries.

After September 11th, 2001, our collective idea of safety and security fundamentally changed forever. Since then, the way we think about security –– for our homes, businesses, and public spaces –– has had to adapt to the new reality of a post-9/11 world. While this new reality created some fear surrounding those previously unknown threats, the technology and tools we use to protect ourselves began to evolve rapidly as the security industry quickly caught up to meet these needs. That included improvements made to security stations and guard booths.

Below we’ll explore a few ways that manned security booths have changed in the 21st Century.

Security booth features

Improved Technology

From the proliferation of the internet to a smartphone in every pocket, technology has evolved rapidly in the first two decades of the 21st century. Some of that technology has been an enormous benefit to our public and personal security. Today, security guard booths can be outfitted with advanced technology that helps improve the safety of businesses, parking lots, college campuses, private residences, airports –– even nuclear facilities.

Security booths can be fully wired and equipped with high-speed internet as well as hard-wired communication lines which can help protect against hacks or other outside interference. High definition digital security cameras can record persons with greater clarity to aid in identification, while more streamlined and efficient HVAC systems make it possible to provide heating and cooling in smaller units.

Bullet and Blast Resistance

In a post-9/11 world, the unfortunate reality is that the most extreme threats can often involve high-powered weapons, including guns and explosive devices. That means that manned security booths must be designed to be bullet and blast-resistant, especially when those security booths are being used for high-threat applications and locations, such as airports and government facilities.

Bullet resistant glass paneling and diamond steel-reinforced flooring and walls can help protect your security personnel from the threat of gunfire and explosive blasts. The installation of concrete pillars around your security guard booth can help protect against vehicles being used to ram the structure. Slide-open gun ports can give your security team the opportunity to mount a counteroffensive without leaving the safety of the guard booth, and high-powered external lighting can blind attackers to give your team the upper hand.

Blending in with the Environment

The need for increased security should not necessarily mean that the increased security presence is always so obvious. In some cases, this can contribute to collective anxiety; if all residents, visitors, employees, or clients see are high-powered security stations and armed guards on patrol, this can actually have the opposite effect from presenting a sense of safety. That’s why, in some cases, it is critical to ensure your manned security booth blends into its surroundings.

Fortunately, as guard booth design has improved, construction techniques have gotten smarter, and the variety of materials available has expanded, it has become easier to match security stations with their environments. From installing exterior brick onsite to ensure it perfectly matches a college campus to outfitting a guard booth with mirrored glass to reflect the surrounding foliage, there’s no shortage of ways to camouflage your security structure. This is a great way to ensure you have the protection you need without contributing to a larger sense of fear or anxiety, especially in those locations where a sense of omnipresent security is unwanted.

The Future of Security

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we have been designing and building the highest quality manned security booths for decades –– and since our founding, we have led the evolution of security into the 21st century. We set the bar for the best-prefabricated security guard booths, customized to meet any need, circumstance, or environment, and that includes offering state of the art features to rise to the challenges we face in a post-9/11 world.

Whether you need the latest technology and communication systems, a bullet and blast-resistant design, or a security station that subtly sits in its surroundings, our experienced team can make it happen. To get started, simply reach out to us today to discuss our options and work out a free estimate for your project.