High Security Booths

1. Gunports:

U.L. Level 1 to NIJ-IV and higher.  Slide type for high power rifles with scopes, super secure, or 6" diameter for hand guns.


2. HVAC Systems:

Roof mount, split systems, through wall with Bullet and blast resistant shrouds to specification. 

HVAC Systems

3. Anchoring Systems:

Pad mounted or tower mounted, designed for standard installation with blast and tornado anchoring systems available.

Achoring Systems

4. Glazing:

Bullet resistant from U.L. Level 1 to NIJ-IV or higher, also hurricane systems.


5. Bullet Resistant Shroud:

Provides bullet resistant protection for power and data communication lines.

Bullet Resistant Shroud

6. Bullet Resistant Conduit Access:

Custom design for tower mounting with bullet resistant covers.

Bullet Resistant Conduit Access

7. Lifting Eyes:

Removable or permanent, designed for secure crane lifting.

Lifting Eyes

8. Antenna Mounts:

Roof mounted, weather tight and bullet resistant.

Antenna Mounts

9. Exterior lights:

All types available for all applications.

Exterior  Lights