Designing an Effective Bulletproof Guard Shack

Designing an Effective Bulletproof Guard Shack

Does Your Security Center Need Bulletproof Materials?

Protecting the perimeter of your business from an armed threat is critical to the safety of your employees and customers. B.I.G. Enterprises, a leader in state-of-the-art guard booths offering bullet-resistant protection, is respected for the quality of our security operation guard shacks that can withstand the highest threat levels.

Bullet Resistant Materials Offer Outstanding Protection

If your business needs a secure structure, our bullet-resistant booths offer the high level of protection necessary to protect your employees, clients, visitors, and equipment against a variety of threats, ensuring your guards are wholly protected.

Whether you’re responsible for security operations at a sports stadium, medical laboratory, utility provider, technology company, or government facility, your security operations guard shacks should be constructed of bullet-resistant or bulletproof materials to provide safety and security for your guests, staff, and facilities.

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What are Bulletproof Materials?

Bullet-resistant materials, such as bulletproof walls and doors, are tested, reviewed, and rated by certifying agencies to verify that the wall or door can successfully stop penetration from a certain number of shots from a specific caliber firearm. To give an example, a bulletproof panel that has been rated Level 4 will be able to stop penetration from a bullet from a standard .30-06 rifle typically used for hunting. In contrast, a bulletproof panel rated Level 7 would successfully prevent penetration of up to five bullets from a tactical rifle such as an AR-15. While ratings for bulletproof materials range from U.L. Level 1 through 10, most security operations guard shacks at banks, convenience stores, and medical or legal facilities can be sufficiently addressed by using bulletproof materials in the Levels 1 to 3 range. However, for locations with a higher threat-risk, such as military bases, maximum-security prisons, or power plants, constructing a secure visitor check-in area may require materials in the Levels 4 through 8 range depending on the facility’s need. We can offer booths that meet U.L. ratings 1-10 or all NIJ threat levels.

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B.I.G. Enterprises can help you design everything form a bullet-resistant guard shack to a more modest ticket booth, and we’ll help you to determine the answers to the following three questions:

  1. What level of protection do you believe is needed based on current and future threats?
  2. How large of an area do you need to secure?
  3. What functionality will the employees stationed with the security operations guard shacks need?

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Combining Bulletproof Materials with System Functionality

If your business is exploring adding bullet-resistant guard facilities to your pre-existing loss prevention and risk analysis security plans and protocols, you know that it’s crucial to balance the costs associated with additional layers of security against the risks of an armed robbery or unlawful intrusion into your facility. However, you must also factor in the needs and work functionalities of the guard staff who will be stationed in the structure. Chances are, they will need access to communications and computer systems. In specific environments, such as an entertainment venue, large transit hubs, or banks, staff may need access to cash draws and credit card readers. It won’t help your business if your employees stationed inside the guard shack can’t adequately perform their jobs.

Fortunately, when you choose B.I.G. Enterprises to design and construct your high-security guard booths, we can help you to ensure that all business and employee needs are met, in addition to creating a structure that meets or exceeds the level of protection your business requires.

A few of our most popular options include:

  • Custom designs and manufacturing
  • Custom colors
  • Restroom facilities within the structure
  • Fully wired for technology and communications equipment
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • I.B.C. and A.D.A. approved
  • All documents required for permitting provided

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When it Comes to Bulletproof Materials, Choose an Experienced Manufacturer

At B.I.G. Enterprises, we specialize in constructing custom-designed, prefabricated security guard shacks and guard booths. In addition, we offer ballistic-rated designs that incorporate bullet-resistant technology. We’ve been in business since 1963, and our guard booths can be found in all 50 states. Our reputation for quality and price point are unrivaled! Request a quote today and contact us with any questions.