Innovative Guard Houses For Any Industry

B.I.G. Enterprises stands tall as the industry leader in innovative guard structures, catering to a diverse range of industries where high security is paramount. Our prefabricated guard shacks and booth structures have garnered acclaim from top Fortune 500 companies and all branches of the government. From tech companies and entertainment venues to state parks, military bases, oil and gas refineries, parking lots, airports, and hospitals, our solutions offer unrivaled reliability and protection. Built with advanced manufacturing processes that provide perfect precision, our security booths meet stringent quality standards. With a world-renowned reputation for excellence, B.I.G. delivers customizable prefabricated ticket booths and guard houses that perfectly suit unique client requirements.

Call B.I.G. For Quality Prefabricated Guard Shacks

At B.I.G., excellence is evident in every aspect of our products and services. With a wide range of design choices and styles, we offer the flexibility to create a guard shack that suits your needs. What sets our company apart is a relentless focus on delivering ZERO warranty issues – ensuring that you receive a reliable and durable structure. Safety is our top priority, which is why we build units that are bullet-resistant. We understand that security threats can occur at any time, so we manufacture units to be your command center to contact police, fire, or paramedics. When you choose B.I.G., you can have peace of mind knowing that your guard shack will provide the highest level of security. Call us today to talk to an expert.

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