White Paper: Hardening the Perimeter 2021

Download Our Exclusive Security White Paper

Hardening Perimeter Security: The Role of the Guard Booth, Security Solutions and Best Practices.

If you’re considering investing in a top-notch perimeter security system, our exclusive security white paper will help with the planning process. When guard booths are required, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Each location will have unique, site-specific requirements that will influence the design of the security system. When it comes to evaluating the right security solution, understanding a few specific key components can help ensure a business earns a high return on their investment.


Download this 17-page expertly written security white paper with over 30 color pictures and read how to:

  • Maximize the protective factory of the shelter and the lives of security personnel.
  • Select a design that delivers an appropriate security level without sacrificing architectural plan, design flexibility, or ergonomics.
  • Manage costs by properly analyzing required strengths and structure longevity.

This security white paper is authored by David King, Vice President of B.I.G. Enterprises. Since 1963, B.I.G. has specialized in perimeter security from their California headquarters. King has over 30 years of security industry experience and is a nationally recognized consultant. He works extensively with architects, ballistics engineers, contractors, and officials responsible with protecting critical infrastructure.

Under Mr. King’s leadership, B.I.G. 's structures have incorporated cutting-edge advancements in manufacturing that result in products designed to attain the highest blast-resistance levels.

B.I.G.'s clients include the U.S. military, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the New York Stock Exchange, and hundreds of universities, athletic, and corporate facilities.