Tim Collins, Nuclear Security Services Corporation

When I visited the B.I.G. facility, I saw that it was a very well run and lean ship. Quality was obvious from the moment I walked in. A stainless steel booth was being loaded for delivery to the East Coast. I went over the welds—the butting of corners, and saw that the windows were high quality. High-quality welds within mission-critical applications are necessary for the safety and survival of security forces. We were pleased with what we saw.

We had some special requests and B.I.G. was attentive and responsive to all of them. Their attitude was ‘yes’ on everything. From a customer service perspective, they returned every phone call promptly and we had dozens of phone conversations. Everybody worked as a team. B.I.G.’s performance made a big difference. When our booth arrived, the nuclear plant security manager called to tell us that the B.I.G. booths were top-notch. He was extremely pleased. Examining the interior and exterior moving parts and electrical, he said that he had seen a lot of products in the industry and he would put these booths up against any of them.