Major Agricultural Firm

“Our company has a history of continuous growth and careful expansion. I wanted a gatehouse that could be weather tight, attractive, and moveable – especially since we are planning for growth. I was looking for the most value for the dollar because I knew if I misjudged the quality for cost for the gatehouses, it would be a long time before I would have a chance to correct my mistake. My decision was mostly based on a gut feeling I had when speaking with the vendor, and seeing the higher quality of their web site and their larger selection. My decision was confirmed and reconfirmed with every interaction I had with the company.

They really worked with us to get us squared away in no time at all. After 9/11, the Food Safety inspectors from the FDA were getting the heat turned up on them by the Office of Homeland Security it went all the way to the top. We told the vendor getting our gatehouse was critical to the safety of our operations, and they got it here a week early!

Protecting our customers was our A-number-one priority following 9/11. We wanted to be assured that we had everything buttoned-down and could affirm consumer confidence. I think we’ve succeed too, based on the positive press we’ve received in both our trade journal and in the local media. All of this is just the added benefit of having a top notch security detail that begins with our gatehouses.

We did this all as a preventative measure. The fact that the FDA could shut us down if they found our plant susceptible to criminal or terrorist infiltration is no small matter either. A work stoppage like that would cost our company hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions in lost product, salaries, wages, and profit…it would be unthinkable and we just can’t afford to risk it.”*-